Directions needed

After a long discussion with my LotRO guildmates over the female sense of direction yesterday, it particularly pleased me when a member of my WAR guild pointed me at this remarkable Atlas of WAR.

I like maps, I especially like that you can turn off all the points of interest so if you don’t want things spoiled other than the basic map overview you can have that too. I love that they have scenario maps too – overall it’s really useful and I’ve added it to our ‘tools’ category.

But seriously, I won’t go in the right direction even with a map…

8 Responses

  1. Thanks for that link, it really is amazing… wishing I hadn’t spent £10 on the Atlas now!

  2. I love this site. The maps have all the public quests, warcamps (these are where the flight masters are!), etc.

  3. Great site.. thanks!

  4. Ah, that’s a neat site

  5. I’m going to try and avoid looking at it, even though I’ve been through just about every zone already, in the hope of preserving what little “unknown” is left…

    This will last till all of 20 seconds after I get lost or need to find something 😉

  6. The nice thing about it is you can switch off all the stuff about where PQs/NPCs/etc are and just have a plain map if you want. I like that as an option.

  7. Just bring your own bright wizard and 98% of the time you will always find your way…..

  8. Ooh, plain map sounds good. Yeah setting bright wizards on fire and using them as waypoints is good – but they eventually go out…

    Elven heads on spikes works best – the shiny helmets don’t rust particularly quickly and can be seen from miles out.

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