Am I to be left with… A Moosey Fate?

Wotcha everyone,

I had been wondering about posting something about the wait for the release of Warhammer Online, when I found that Syp had posted something on Waaagh! which covered very nicely, and in a more concise way, what I had been pondering.

What had started me off on my musing was watching the Invader Zim episode “Game Slave 2”.  Now, I don’t know if you’ve seen, heard or watched Invader Zim, but it’s one of my favourite cartoons.  Sharply satirical of modern life, the episode I’m talking about sees Gaz, the video game obsessed sister, go all J-Horror at the poor foolish mortal that was stupid enough to get between her and the latest games machine, the aptly named “Game Slave 2”.

I marvelled at the skill of the animators, I wondered at the skill with which the director brought in so many clever J-Horror references, and I wished that I was as good, as sharp and as talented as the scriptwriters.

And then, after a short pause, I panicked that they had written the episode about me.

I am “eagerly awaiting” the release date.  No, I’m not chewing the walls in anticipation, but I am looking forward to finally getting my head shaved, letting small children poke me with sharp sticks until I am furious (righteously) and then getting stuck in.

But you see, I’ve pre-ordered the game.  I can rest easy in the knowledge that there is a copy out there that is waiting just for me.  That at some point I shall get a headstart key, and that key will mean that even if the post is delayed for up to a week, I shall be fine.  So I’m fine.  I don’t need to worry, because other people will be ensuring that I shall get everything sorted with a minimum of fuss.

Unless.  Unless there’s an administration error, and my pre-order is lost in the system.  Or they’ve run out of copies of the game.  Or there’s a postal strike.  Or hordes of insanely territorial World of Warcraft fans zerg the distributors, in the hopes of getting PvD (Player versus Distributor) epixxx?  What if there’s a nuclear war?

So now I have “The Terror”.  I can’t control whether or not the world is engulfed in nuclear war!  So maybe I really *must* have my Game Slave 2.  Maybe I *would* go all J-Horror crazy at anyone that looks like they’d stand in my way.

Maybe I am not the sane, rational, non-addicted games fan I thought I was.



3 Responses

  1. There’s something worse than the wait.

    Heisenbergs Postal Uncertainty Principle.

    The day will come when you will get the glorious “Your Order has shipped” mail.

    Then either a) it will sit in some Godforsaken corner of the Earth for a seemingly unreasonable amount of time according to the website, or b) it will be in transit and you will have no way of determining if it is five minutes away or five hours.

    Position with no velocity or velocity with no position. That my friend is the torture.

    Failing that you can off my brother for his standard copy 😛

  2. +5 cool points for extreme Invader Zim references.

    “Science: try it!”

  3. Hawley is our cool guy

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