New Patch for Open Beta

OK Patch Notes taken down due to some misunderstanding.

What happened with these was:

We saw them on a GOA site and were told by a CM there that it was fine to publish. NB. We signed our NDA with GOA.

We published.

We were asked by somone from the Herald to take them down.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Final words from Mark over at WHA:

It really is pretty simple. The patch notes that were erroneously posted by GOA are from a version that is still in testing. This is not the version that will go to the Open Beta as we expect to make changes to it based on our Elder testers feedback as well as internal testing here. Because things will change with the version before it goes into Open Beta, it makes no sense to post these notes yet. Also, posting these notes is prohibited by the Beta Testing Agreement (as has been already pointed out here) for our Elder testers.

18 Responses

  1. Some very nice changes there. I’m getting a fever now that we’re so close to Head Start. 13 days and counting…

  2. “Players will be chickened when entering lower tiers of content” …….. not so hot. Cheap and easy solution. I hope they put more effort into this as time goes on, but they probably wont unless there’s a huge outcry.

  3. This stuff is currently under NDA. Not to be a party pooper, just FYI.

  4. The 4.1 notes are still covered under our NDA and should not be posted publicly.

  5. Hrm. maybe it’s like when the NDA was dropped by Turbine first but the other way round. I think the quote by Magnus seems to cover it…

  6. Oh well.

  7. Confusion much! Let’s go pillage GOA for fun.

  8. You’re breaking the law.

  9. What law would that be?

  10. Hehe, this period before the games launch is so full of confusion and misunderstandings.

  11. Maybe you can post about lairs instead ? Found this great video fining several world lairs mobs hidden behind puzzles–amp–lair-heroes kudos to whoever made it.

  12. tbh I can’t be bothered to post much until the game releases right now.

  13. Hehe, that was a bummer! I hope you didn’t get in crap for the misunderstanding! Why the heck were those notes posted on the GOA site? Or was it the GOA beta forums?

  14. Beta forums, Snafzg. And I think we’re just tired of it all now tbh.

  15. Since you are cooperative with GOA’s mistake, I hope they give you guys something in return.

  16. T-shirts!

    Haha, actually we’re all human and mistakes happen. It’s important to keep these things in perspective. We’re not talking about state secrets or anything here, and I’m sure the finalised patch notes will be out soon enough.

  17. I’m even done with T-shirt jokes :-/ I still need to try and get one, but it’s not for me anyway!

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