UK Prices Announced

GOA have announced the UK prices for WAR.

Our new subscription prices are as follow:
£8.99 per month
£25.17 for 3 months
£46.14 for 6 months

No, we don’t know why they announced this on Only-War and not on their own site either. But will give Magnus a bye this time since he’s listed himself as an Archmage.

7 Responses

  1. Someone on Freddys has said they got an email from D2D saying the retail price had dropped from 40 euro to 36.50 euro and that D2D are honouring the price drop.

  2. Any news on time cards yet?

  3. @dmosbon – Iain C posted on Freddys to say there would be game cards ( but I don’t know when they’ll be on sale or stuff!

  4. Thanks Arb’ – can’t seem to find a listing anywhere for them yet.

  5. Bloody elflings

  6. Time cards are listed in the original press release about the subscription prices. 29.99€ for 60 days access.

  7. Oops! I was too trigger happy with the submit button and missed the link.

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