Why blog?

It may not have escaped some people’s notice that I’ve been a bit down recently. Some of it is the lull in play, though I’ve managed to get in some LotRO with friends. Some of it is the evil that is real life – let’s not talk about that one, and some of it is just general grump. We all have that in us.

And it’s made me a bit quieter than normal. This morning, I’m contemplative. I remember that only a few days ago I emailed back my answers to The Order of Destruction about blogging and Warhammer. And it reminded me of something I wanted to say. Right now, days before open beta, not long before the headstart and the launch.

By the time the game launches, Book of Grudges will be 4 months old. It’s been quite a time for us.

And I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s stopped by, commented, linked to us, emailed and made us feel part of the community. I’d name specific names, but really there are too many, and that’s pretty astounding in and of itself. It’s definitely been a novel and enjoyable experience for all of us (I’ll include Hawley in this, even though he’s a relative newcomer, I know he’s pretty blown away by it all).

And that’s not why we started blogging. But it’s why we continue to.

I guess I’m really taking a moment out of my grump to say:

We love you guys, and thanks!


16 Responses

  1. I remember when you guys first came on the scene with your itty bitty, rapid-fire posts and was wondering what BoG was going to end up like. The answer was: excellent. You guys put out quality posts, fun posts and great links.

  2. Yes, awesome blog! I’m always in awe with the great posts you guys (gals), do. You inspired me to do blogging in a different way by they way you do your way so well. Thanks! Btw the interview will be up later today. It was delayed because of RL drama but tonight I will be back in the saddle again and show the world (well, my world) Book of Grudges!

  3. I never posted anything in reply but this seemed like a nice start.

    Great blog, honestly. Ever since I became interested in WAR this blog is my only daily stop on zi interwebs

    Great work!

  4. Awwww, turn that frown upside down! You’ve made a really big impact in the community and plenty of people are excited to read what you have to say. That has to stand for something! 🙂

    As for general grumpiness, I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I get into blogging mood swings. I’ve been going at it since Nov 2007 and I’ve had my share of ups and downs. Many days I can’t be motivated to write, so I just don’t. Other days, I get ten new ideas to write about and then forget eight of them by the time I’m finished writing two! Hehe.

    I had something pretty crazy happen last night behind the scenes of my blog, so I’m quite excited. You’ll know about it by the weekend. 🙂

  5. Great blog!

    Thank you (all three) for your time and effort at writing it. It’s an entertaining read and i can barely wait for the feed to show new stuff from you here 😉

  6. Spinko and Arrrrrrrb and Hawley (who can be an honourary sister if he likes:). I looooove your blog (I might be a bit biased ‘k!). And together and all – that’s what families should do.. those who kill goblins together.. erm, do other stuff together.
    Just one request – more cat/kitten/general cute animal pics 🙂

  7. I’m lucky. I’ve been playing MMO’s alongside Arbitrary, Hawley and Spinks for a while (not so long with Spinks, but looking forward to renewing our limited aquiantance in WAR 🙂 ) and have the good fortune of being able to continue to do so in WAR. I look forward to what they have to say on on the intimately related topics of WAR, cats, and tea, as they have entertained me so far 🙂

  8. You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!

  9. Thanks for all the comments, all! Really.

  10. I really enjoy reading your blog. Kept me up to date with all the latest WAR ins/outs. Keep it up ladies (and Hawley ofcourse!)

  11. Wotcha everyone,

    As the “inside man”, it constantly surprises me how much work both Arbitrary and Spinks do to keep this Book going. And it both humble and amazes me that we have fans.

    Ta muchly, everyone.


  12. Only four months, wow. I guess I just assume everyone who’s been blogging longer than me has been blogging forever.

    Keep it up! 🙂

  13. Lessthanthree

  14. You guys have been my inspiration since before I even came into this scene. Remember the lesson of Empire Records!!

    Don’t let the Man get you down.

  15. Already been four months? I look forward for the next four. Keep up the good work.

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