How Hardcore is your Guild?

You are walking through a forest, and see a Dragon.  Do you:

  1. Get in a store of coffee, Red Bull, and pizza before calling your guild on speed dial.  This is going to take a while.
  2. Njub!  Dragons got boring last patch…
  3. Take a few screenshots.  No-one’s posted Dragons on the guild forum before.  Yay!

You approach an Orc village.  You and your fellow guild members:

  1. Wait for the zerg.  This looks like an ambush.
  2. Crush them beneath your iron heels, before the leeches can get here.  This is your Renown!  Take it!
  3. Ensure the orc women and children are relocated to a place of safety, where they can live their lives away from the hideous face of war.

There are 5 of them, and 10 of you.  Do you:

  1. Wait for the zerg.  This looks like an ambush.
  2. Njubs! Dominate them, whilst waiting for their zerg.
  3. There’s 10 of us?

There are 10 of them, and 5 of you.  Do you:

  1. Wait for the zerg.  This looks like an ambush.
  2. We outnumber them 5: 10. Dominate them, whilst waiting for their zerg.
  3. There’s 5 of us?

You see a chicken crossing the street. Do you:

  1. Wait for the zerg. This looks like an ambush.
  2. Laugh because it’s your GM and you lured him into a low level RvR area under pretext of helping you with a quest.
  3. Rescue the chicken from the oncoming traffic because you’ve always wanted a pet.

A mob drops an epic weapon.  Do you:

  1. Link it in guild chat – it’s so cool!
  2. Njub!  I got better last week.
  3. Sell it to an NPC by mistake.

It’s 3 in the morning.  Do you:

  1. Log off.  It’s late.
  2. You can log off?
  3. Surely you mean 3 in the afternoon!

The Emperor Karl Franz is:

  1. Some NPC in Altdorf
  2. On farm
  3. My liege lord.

You plan to reach level 40:

  1. Within a month
  2. Within a week, you’ll be gkicked if you don’t
  3. There’s a level 40?

You run into someone who wants to join your guild:

  1. Can he balance a spoon on his nose? He’s in!
  2. First they have to join the feeder guild for 6 months, and there’s a three tier application form process that every newbie has to fill in. After that, the two months of 2am-3am keep guarding duty and then … maaaaybe …
  3. We have a quick in character interview at a pub in Altdorf.

What colour is your guild emblem?

  1. White or Yellow
  2. Black! (I’m Mr Black!)
  3. Purple

The perfect number of guildmates is:

  1. Half a dozen of my best friends
  2. The exact number and class breakdown necessary to beat the game
  3. There is no perfect number, as long as it’s friendly

6 Responses

  1. The proper answer choices for “What colour is your guild emblem?” should/could be:
    1. Whatever combination you can come up with that makes a Hawaiian shirt look conservative.
    2. Whatever provides the ompitum level of camouflage and concealment.
    3. Whatever provides a fabulous contrast to my delightful outfit. Designer tags are a must!


  2. What kind of turtle?

  3. Of course all 1337 guilds know the answer to all these questions is 42

  4. Now if only i had 30 people who filled out the questions the same as me!

  5. “There’s 10 of us?” “There’s 5 of us?”

    I lol’d. Pretty hard. =)

  6. Hello. This is a tweet. Using twitter API for ios

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