You thought the cinematic was cool?

I was going to leave this till our next links post, but honestly – I just want to share it with you all now. If you enjoyed the most recent WAR cinematic (and who didn’t?), then you might be interested in this thread over at ZBrushCentral. Some of the artists involved with the cinematic present their pictures of their rendered work here and honestly, it’s breathtakingly fabulous. Make sure you check each page of the thread, as you  get to see many of the characters used in the cinematic in incredible detail.


5 Responses

  1. That’s some impressive details there. I must admit that I thought the monster appearing behind Tchar’zanek at the end was some kind of dragon, but now I see it’s a raven demon 😉

  2. Awesome thread!

  3. Ahhh The Keeper of Secrets.

    I know I’ve seen a Greater Unclean one. And isnt there a Bloodthirster on the Bastion Stair?

    What about poor Slaneesh 😛

  4. Thanks for the link to the thread at ZBrushCentral – the pictures there really are breathtaking, and it was great to read the thoughts of the artists involved.

  5. Ardua – you mean Lord of Change – the Keeper of Secrets is the slaneeshi one.

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