1pm, No Sign of Working Authentication Server

It’s been a quiet morning on the GOA authentication server front. Well, apart from tens of thousands of hopeful beta testers hammering the website to no avail. Still waiting for any sign of an announcement from the GOA team about the holdup but I think it’s fair to say that this is not their finest moment.

Using closed beta fu, we can confirm that they’ve started to populate the list of servers. But will leave it to the CMs to announce the server list rather than rushing in with names before they are done. The patcher is also online.

It was always looking like a truly strange decision to wait right until the last moment to sort out the authentication servers. Not the sort of decision anyone would make if they had a choice in the matter. Anyway, we’ll keep things posted. And hope GOA do too.


8 Responses

  1. The worrying thing is that it is no info whatsoever…. Starting to getting scared about what will happen when the game goes live. This is according to IainC the day when GOA have all their services live.

  2. Agreed about the lack of information. Been looking at a weird variety of sites to try and find any kind of information because of lack of any official forums/sites. Shame really. Many things I’m baffled about with this whole thing to be honest.

  3. I managed to finally get through the whole sign up and register process (been trying since god knows what time, been a few hours) now I am waiting for my confirmation email.
    I know it isnt an easy process, but seriously this hasnt gone right in many regards so far.

    Oh well, as long as I get in at some point today I will be happy

  4. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m getting really tired of the number combination 414.

  5. Reading the WHA forums kind of make you lose faith in humanity.

    But it’s entertaining, in a sick twisted way. /popcorn

  6. Aaaand from #blogwarhammer on irc.uberguilds.com

    [15:50] Regis: http://iamanon.com/joker414.png 😛

  7. I’ve been trying to create a new account since this morning, never once got past step 4.
    I think i’ll wait till 3am to try again, that usually works.

  8. […] the past week, EU players were pelting forums and e-mails to GOA/Mythic with the same question: “When will the account center/authentication process be up?” As last week rolled by, you could sense the questions growing more and more desperate, like a […]

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