Updates from GOA

I’m not going to hide how disappointed I am that we had to wait until this evening for a proper update from GOA on the situation. But you can follow the status of servers here and here. It tells you whether beta and authentication servers are up. It also tells you population caps as they increase them and what to do about certain specific issues/problems.

We shouldn’t have had to wait all day for an official update. People have been excited about this for months, they have bought from specific vendors purely for the open beta access, and it’s also encouraged others to buy the Collector’s Edition of the game. And those people have already had to wait till afternoon on a sunday because of the ‘simultaneous’ opening of servers worldwide. When they have work on monday morning – and when wasting a day off sitting in front of a computer looking desperately for information that should be available is pretty depressing.

Yes, we all expected the website and servers to get a thorough hammering. Who didn’t? Yes, some of that needs to be tested as part of the open beta. But seriously, to open the registration on the same day as the servers were supposed to go live was a very risky strategy, but GOA were pretty adamant it would all be smooth sailing.

I’m not angry or frustrated. I can play since I was in the closed beta. But I am really really disappointed.

Edit: I still live in hope that everything will be fine soon, however, but I wouldn’t sit around and wait for it.

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  1. It just feels like a damp squib at this point when I was honestly excited. Not having any information at all as the US servers opened didn’t exactly help. It shows a vast difference in treatment and priorities between the US and EU servers.. again. Hmm

  2. The whole michenery seems to be working in small bursts of time. I was able to get my code in about 40 minutes ago, and got my confirmation e-mail ten minutes later. Guess it all comes down to luck.

  3. Oh, and I can’t spell obviusly. Machinery, of course, not michenery. I blame my Swedish brain for not being built for crazy foreign languages.

  4. We all suffer from that – but in the EU I think we are all … ha ha cannot think of the word now..

    Tolerant 🙂 of spelling and grammer.

  5. I know. I’m probably harder on myself just because I’m usually very confident in my ability too speak English. Must be tired, I suppose.

  6. I feel for you Euros, I really do. I’m beginning to believe that Mythic is somehow legally tied to GOA, because everyone who played DAoC knows how well they did with that. Mythic was a poor young starving game studio, maybe they struck a deal with GOA way back when? Well, have faith, friends, not that GOA will suddenly become competent, but that Mythic will find a way out of that contract.

  7. Sympathies from me to the EU folks as well. There’ve been a lot of crazy posts, but the frustration has been understandable. It’s just not a good day for GOA. We’ll see if they can turn it around.

  8. I do have faith that GOA will turn things around and I’m sure this is as far from what they wanted to happen as possible. That being said, I didn’t feel that it shouldn’t be said, and it reflects my thoughts while playing an open beta the majority of my guild can’t get onto.

    Hopefully this will be the last post of disappointment!

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