A quickie before bed ;p

Ok, people didn’t get their confirmation emails in 1-2 hours.

GOA have posted an update on the situation, timestamped 10pm (CEST I’m guessing!). It basically says ‘be patient’. I don’t think I would be. Magnus notes there is more news waiting for translation in his post on WHA.

Going to bed sad again. Hope to see you all in-game tomorrow. Guess I better dig up some more cute animals, eh?

12 Responses

  1. Yup, no key after 5ish hours, but not to worry!

  2. I like this one:

  3. this is like my comment-thread heaven…

  4. “a quickie before bed…. going to bed sad again….”

    thank you for that innuendo, that gave me such a laugh!

  5. 3 hours, and counting. 😦

    So, why not watch a cat playing a piano. 🙂

  6. i got the mail, but my credentials are wrong( i type them right)
    They say they know the error and it will work until the end of the day, but i will not see it, i go to bed too….
    For me GOa lives 10 Years in the past, in the old days with EQ and UO you could bring such a lousy performance but today this is unaceptable

  7. Well, I put my code in at 4pm yesterday, still no email this morning at 5am.

    And now I’m off to WAR! Work! I meant work.

    Actually, same thing I suppose.

  8. yeah, waiting for an update Melmoth. Sorry about all this!

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