Crazy Sunday. Where do we go from here?

Yesterday was a disaster for GOA. The Patcher was down; the Authentication front end went down; the Authentication back-end database fell over; the Connection between the front and back-end was dodgy; Communication for most of the day was dire to non-existent. And even if they get it working today, they’ve lost the confidence of most of the fans who were hyped enough about the game to want to try the Open Beta in Europe. It’s not good enough and everyone knows it. The fact that the US side had been running relatively smoothly is only going to make people here feel even more like second class citizens (I hate that phrase but expect to hear it even more now).

It is true that the game servers have been running smoothly in the EU, for those (mostly CB testers) who were able to access them. This is A Good Thing. Just it doesn’t tell us much about how they will run under a higher load. Hopefully we’ll know more about that by the end of the week.

Make no mistake, the people who decide to give EU WAR a miss based on that experience will not mostly be buying US versions. It’s a hassle to do that from here. They’ll just go play something else. Some will let other people be the guinea-pigs for the first couple of months and then decide, others won’t look back. I don’t have the heart for a full-scale rant, like Arbitrary I’m just very disappointed.

WHA also comes out of this very badly indeed. Aside from being hammered into near-oblivion, it became such a hotbed of teh crazy yesterday that even MJ commented on the general level of nerd rage and I think we know where he was reading it from.  I know I’m not going back to WHA unless I have no choice now, Freddyshouse was a relative beacon of civilisation in comparison. And much as I love the guys there, that isn’t a phrase I ever expected to use in anger. I would advise everyone who found WHA to be a madhouse to check out other forums — there are perfectly viable alternatives.


1/ GOA screwed up. Their current latest update from their CEO (see previous post) says that the authentication database issue still isn’t solved. There was a note from the team earlier that they planned to let the DB chunter through the backlog and then close it down for maintenance with a plan to be running again late Monday morning. We’ll see.

2/ If you don’t like the tone of one forum, pick another. News will get around.

3/ Game servers are running fine if you can get authentication sorted out. We will have to see how they run under a heavier load.

4/ There’s a full week of Open Beta left to run. It’s not over until it’s over. If they can fix this and prove that they fixed it, it’s not an unrecoverable situation.

5/ Try primal scream therapy. It’s free.

6/ If you read down to the bottom, you deserve a tip. War Lions can now be named. It’s /petname <name>

12 Responses

  1. Oh I saw evidence of that Lion naming first hand and wish I hadnt.

    The brave KirstenDunst and her constant companion Tobeymagurie.

    At least it wasn’t as odd as the Shadow Warrior “Shemale”

  2. KirstenDunst and Tobeymagurie, who do you kill first? Decision, decisions…

  3. Unfortunately they were both on my side.

  4. “Try primal scream therapy. It’s free.”

    That made my day… some people were really close to a nervous breakdown yesterday.

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  6. Ooh can you name your squig as well?

    WHA had some… interesting… levels of sanity.

    “Freddyshouse was a relative beacon of civilisation in comparison” <- we’re normally the nutters but while it was hardly an oasis of calm (there was plenty of nerd rage on FH ;)) I don’t think it ever got to quite the heights of stupidity I’ve seen on WHA from yesterday.

  7. Want me to go test a squiggie, Flim? Have set my husband onto it!

  8. According to my husband’s brief test it said the name was changed, but the Squig didn’t seem to acquire the new name.

  9. Heh, I read to the bottom anyway, but wasn’t expecting an actual useful tip for my troubles. 🙂

    The issue with “if you don’t like a forum, go elsewhere” is that the devs are using individual places as unofficial forums. If they don’t move with you, you’re losing access to a lot of information that doesn’t get posted to the Herald. If they do move with you, most of the people you don’t like to hang out with are going to follow. I guess you can stop reading forum X except for the devtracker, but that’s a stopgap (and, again, the devs will probably go wherever the fans do, at least until someone registers

  10. Not sure if it is fair to critique WHA like that, WHA has been a great and informative site. It has a lot of fans who put a lot of effort into informing others and discussing interesting subjects on the game. I can remember Freddyshouse from back in the DAOC days. Also there it wasn’t always so civil.

    The people that posted on WHA yesterday, sure. Some went way out of line. I have posted some reports myself on inappropriate behaviour. However, I must admit that at the same time I had quite some difficulty keeping civilised myself. Not because of the fact promises where not kept, but out of the sheer lack of communication from GOA to Mythics potential customer base in EU.

    Then finally when posts where started being made by GOA CM’s they were insulting or disrespectful themselves (especially when reading between the lines), in one case even openly calling their customerbase sociopaths (?spelling?). Only with Magnus late night post on (published on WHA around 19:50) things turned and their posting became more in perspective and some appologies followed.

    Imho WHA was and still is a great WAR website. Keep up the good work over there.

    just my 2cents

  11. Bah, guess I’ll just call my pet squig: Squig!

  12. It was ridiculous at WHA yesterday. The problem with any fansite with balanced feedback is that you have to walk a fine line between allowing people to vent their frustrations and clamping down on the truly unsavory posts. It’s been done passably well, though some of the terribly awful posters simply aren’t posting there due to being suspended.

    It’s still a great site with many resources for fans.

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