Fingers crossed

The atemporary validation server seems to be up and running, as are the servers.  Still a bit of a delay on any new registrations as that server is offline, but GOA hope to have it up and working later. Have heard from a few people that it is all working fine. So think this is the end of the short-burst news updates, as I go into the game to play with my guild! Looks like GOA site as well as WHA and Freddys will be keeping up-to-date so I’ll hand you over to them for the rest of the day!

Edit: apparently there is some delay in receiving confirmation emails. It’s been added to the Q&A now, 1-2 hours seems the current turn-around.

Edit #2: Iain C has posted a Q&A on the new process here. You can bypass the main GOA page and go here to enter your details to activate your open beta code.

Good luck all, let’s toast GOA’s new commitment to keeping us updated and I hope you’re all in open beta shortly, enjoying it and slaughtering me in scenarios!


7 Responses

  1. Key entered, fingers crossed on that e-mail…

  2. The cynic in my head is whispering to me: “Of course it’s running smoother now; it’s Monday, all those peons who wanted to login on Sunday are at work now.”

  3. I must admit I wanted to give GOA the benefit of the doubt, having never had to deal with them before. However, the stories about their management of DAoC gave cause for concern. So far, given the issues throughout CB ( specifically server availability on weekends for gawds sake {when did the think people were going to play? 4am tuesday morning?} ), and now the self-created difficulties with account registration ( what kind of idiot insists on launching 2 new IT systems {accounts and game servers} on the same day WHEN THERE IS NO REASON TO DO SO ? Especially when the system integrity relies on both parts, although nominally independent, operating interactively. ), leave me in grave doubts as to whether WAR will survive GOA’s cack handed attempts at management. I give GOA 3 months before EA/ Mythic give them up for a complete loss and a totally useless money pit.

    S’cuse all the brackets 🙂

  4. Three hours and waiting.

    Foot tapping.

    Arms crossed.

    One eyebrow raised in the traditional British fashion.

    Lips pursed, ready for the inevitiable “Tsk.”

    Cup of tea on standby.

  5. 4 hours+ now and nothing in mail or spam folders. I do appreciate the improvement in proactive notification – it would look driven by Mythic, who have been very good at it, where GoA have been pretty poor at all communication up until today, neglceting there own website even.

    However, the fact that they’re now stating that they will put up a new account creation page, should really make it clear that their “the website is fine, it never went wrong” is hot air, even to them.

  6. sigh.
    how much did I not want to log and see this.

  7. I’ve been waiting for 5+ hours to get an email now.
    Last update was:

    “There is currently a substantial back-log on our system. Our technicians are working very hard to have your confirmations sent out.”

    No idea wut that means, but it cant be good…

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