New code registration page – 4pm CET

GOA has been beavering away to get things fixed as soon as possible, and you can read up more about it on their main site, and also a variety of forums. Here’s the main piece of interest:

…we will launch a new code registration page today at 16:00 CET. This new page will feature a delay between registration and account validation but you will still receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of creating your account.

If you had already created an account yesterday and have a validation email then you will still be able to follow the link from that email after 16:00 today to validate your account, if you do not have an email then you should create a new account as described above.

Hopefully this means as people get home from work across Europe they will be able to finish their registration and get online.


11 Responses

  1. *quackulates*
    That’s 3pm GMT.

    One hour till I can account up? Win! \o/

  2. You can be a test case!

  3. If this doesn’t work today i can go back to my bass guitar and improve the 414-blues i started yesterday 😉

  4. Isn’t that pretty much my default setting?

    “We have a new thing!” “….test it on Ardy”

  5. I’m having big trouble with all the time zones. Since we’re still in Europe, shouldn’t we set times in CEST (Central European Summer Time) since we’re still on daylight summer time?

  6. Yes, I think they forgot it’s summer time. When they said GMT they really meant BST.. etc etc

  7. Thank god for the guild invite on the closed Beta, else I would probably still be wondering what this game looks like……

  8. Well, it worked for me, so thanks for the link and thanks to GoA for working to get a completely new page/system up and running as quickly as possible to cover for the broken one.

  9. I think it worked for me,I’m not entirely sure.

  10. …or rather, I should say, I’ve used the page to enter my key, but I’ve not received an email after an 90 mins (they stated – you;ll get an email in a few minutes. They said it was an asynchronous check, – likely manual.

    Can anyone confirm that they’ve received their email and are going ?

  11. trying to find that out for you feign and have edited my latest post to say there are obviously delays in receiving emails.

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