There were tears, but there were also a couple of laughs

Yesterday our guild got formed. For Order characters we found (what we believe) to be the best way to do this fast. Get your 6 people grouped up and get 50 brass each to fly to Altdorf – Flight Masters are at the War Camps. In Altdorf, head to Market Square and pick up the quest to go visit famous locales (Bright Wizard College, Docks, Temple of Sigmar, Emperor’s Palace). Hand in, get 25 silver each. Head to Guild Registrar and make the guild (it costs 50 silver).

Now, we were quite excited about all this, despite woes about the entire guild not being around to share the moment. So excited that we decided to give everyone invite power, so we could grab people as soon as they got in. We quickly found ourselves logging in on top of one another and going invite-crazy.

So crazy that a couple of people got invited purely cos the character names they picked matched up with forum names of our guild members. Oops. Cue much hilarity on Teamspeak as we mocked ourselves for being quite so silly.

The ‘new’ people took it really well, went to check out our guild forums, said they were cool with just being in the guild during the open beta phase. But we spent the rest of the evening laughing about it!

So, beware the perils of inviting people purely on their character name choice (we’ve now instituted a little more security to our inviting too, you need to know the ‘sekrit word’)

8 Responses

  1. Password?!

    Well as long as there’s no killer rabbits to deal with!

  2. it’s not so much a password.. go look at the forums ;p

  3. Secret handshake! I like.

    That’s a really, really smart tip about the 50s. I hope you lovely, wonderful, sharing and caring folks don’t mind if I share this with the herd? It’ll definitely make guild formation a little less chaotic than it was a couple of days ago.

  4. Go for it!

  5. An even quicker one? Bright Wizard College. Talk to Agnes. Quick fedex run and you get 78 Silver. Each.

    There could be some spine stabbing involved but that’s life.

    Now to steal your password!

  6. One’s own spine or someone else’s? Can it be done at R1? Interested parties want to know!

  7. Apparently so. Though I think getting to Altdorf would get you to R2 at least cos you need 50 brass for the flight.

  8. Oooh, this will be useful in creating ours! Thanks for the tip! 😀

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