GOA: validation system working, 80k+ in open beta

This is the lunchtime update, from the EU Warhammer Site:

Since we launched our new validation system yesterday, players have been flooding onto the beta servers. We’ve been working on the systems constantly and at the moment more than 70,000 fans are able to play. Some of you however have tried to validate your codes and have received a message saying that they were invalid. If this is the case, please take note of the following points:

The letter ‘I’ can sometimes look like the number ‘1’
Likewise on some printed sheets, the letters ‘D’ and ‘O’ may be hard to tell apart
A zero will be printed as an ‘O’ with a line through it.
Please ensure that you are only trying to validate an open beta code, headstart or bonus item codes are not valid at this time, the system will now reject these codes immediately to make it easier for you and to prevent the wrong codes from being submitted.

Previously when you validated your code, there was a delay between the confirmation email and you being able to access the servers, our technicians have worked to remove this delay and now you will be able to patch and play as soon as your confirmation email is received. The last remaining 10,000 players who were waiting for access can now join the action on the servers.

So we’re talking 80k+ players who should now have open beta access. We’ll have a better idea tonight how the servers manage the load. But that’s not all the people who had keys, the numbers being bandied about for number of EU open beta keys floating around was in the region of 200k.

The people they are talking about here are most probably those who were able to authenticate and were waiting for validation emails. So this is not the whole deal yet, and since the login has been turned off, no more can currently be added. But it’s still good news, as far as it goes.

From casual observation, it does look as though people have been trickling through the system all morning so things are happening.


11 Responses

  1. The system is not working 100%. Been waiting since this option became valid and have still had no mail. Paranoid as I am I even tried doing it three times again just now. I hope I will get access to the EU beta.

    I was smart enough tho to get a US betakey so I have played and stilled the worst of my hunger for this game. But I know some of my friends was not this fortunate. I feel for all of you that still haven’t tried the game!

  2. Actually that multiple tries are a horror for those servers. It doubles/triples/.. the server load which is even under normal circumstances heavy.

    I still wait for the e-mail ..but as I’m at work i have better things to do than hit the “check for e-mail” button 😉

  3. 80k+ including closed beta testers. At least all closed beta users i know are on the OB servers too.

  4. Im hoping I get in this evening, I have people to lead to their deaths!

  5. My code was entered at about 6:00PM yesterday, I am creeping ever closer to 24 hours without an email from them.

    The reports of people getting their email responses within 15 minutes at some points make me wonder what sort of bizarre logic they are using to process these things.

    Thanks for the updates though, it gives me something to read while I’m chewing my desk. 😉

  6. Code entered and accepted before 16:30 BST yesterday, I wasn’t able to log-in before I elft for work this morning ~07:30 and still no email.

    I’ve deliberately not multiple entered the code, due to the simple fact that it just multiples server checking load. But also to try to evaluate just how well GOA fixes it for the “non-leet”, the people who don’t beta and who just follow the guidance they’re given, but will end up making the majority if this game is 1/2 as successful as we hope it will be. And right now, it’s not looking great. Still sporadic communication and the people following the guidance seem to be getting the worst deal. I’ll check again when I get home, but right now, I’m unimpressed enough to be considering not playing post the 1st month.

  7. Yeah, I’m in the same position. Code entered at around 16.00 CET yesterday, and I’ve yet to recieve my confirmation email. So, 24 hours of waiting. I ended up snatching a US Open Beta key from Warcry.com, and am now in the process of downloading the US client. The ETA on that is 8 hours, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m playing the US beta before I’ve recieved my beta confirmation from GOA. 🙂

  8. I’am another one who is still waiting for an email. Decided best course of action to actually play the game was to go onto the US servers.

  9. 27 hours since submission now, no email or access. Worst thing is, I’m not sure whether my password is correct, but with no email, what can I do, as the password recovery system seems down

  10. Bleh, just bleh.

    Not much from me today as I’m a bit ill!

  11. GoA come on get my key acctive….. its still not working… 11th sep!!!

    On the case it Guarantee’s open beta access. I payed & brought the collectors edition.

    If it was not promised open beta access i would have paid less & got a copy on launch..

    I did not pay the extra to test a key acctivation page on a faulty website

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