WAR is a game, the Hadron Collider will KILL US ALL!

Ok, it won’t. Seriously. But Warhammer Online is a game, last time I checked.

We’re mostly saving our comments on this week’s debacle until it’s over, so we can get our own emotions in check about it. And trust me, we know emotions are running high, we personally know people having the open beta issues, so our own emotions are a bit tangled also, thus the reliance on news updates yesterday!

Anyway, this morning, while discussing blogging, Spinks sent me a link that has inspired me!

The Hadron Collider is being switched on tomorrow. This has generated a lot of angst and distress. The scientists involved have received death threats, pleas, etc (note a Telegraph article, later removed from the site,  mentions ‘tearful’ people on the phone, and murderous comments by email. ‘Nuff said, internet).

Frank Wilczek, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has received death threats, said Prof Brian Cox of Manchester University to The Telegraph, saying in as frank a manner as possible: “Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a twat.”

Meanwhile, a couple of mathematical physicists in Moscow believe the collider could turn into the world’s first time machine, arguing that 2008 may become Year Zero for time travelling. So tomorrow we may get to say hi to some people from the future. Neat.

Katherine McAlpine, e-News Coordinator for the Atlas Project at CERN has written an LHC Rap. It’s very diverting, and definitely recommended. A CERN spokesman commented:

“We love the rap,” says James Gillies, CERN spokesman. “The science is spot on, and all the feedback that’s come to me from physicists is positive. I think that Kate is a little bowled over.”

Also for those able to listen to BBC Radio 4 tomorrow, they have a themed Big Bang day which looks pretty damn awesome. And if you’re in the UK and can access iPlayer, here’s a show from earlier in the week about it (I have this on my PVR, but um.. something happening to do with some game has kept me from watching it so far! Also note, iPlayer content is only available for a week to download, but I think you then have a month to watch it)

ps. I know the temperature is hot out there right now, the title I picked for the post isn’t meant to belittle anyone’s concerns about GOA, the open beta in Europe, or anything like that. It’s simply what I said to Spinks in response to the link in IM – and I was too sleepy to think up a better title.


15 Responses

  1. Best academic comment EVER ‘Anyone who thinks the LHC will destroy the world is a twat’ !!!

  2. I know, isn’t he great 🙂

    I also think the radio 4 theme day sounds awesome. This is why I pay my licence fees! Their programmes are also available to be streamed from their website a week after they are broadcast — not sure if that’s for UK only or not.

  3. First, I finally got around to listening to the rap. My god I love it ❤

    Secondly, this happens every time there’s a new collider. The Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider in Brookhaven New York was turned on around 2000 as far as I recall.
    Before it was, it was theorised it could have destroyed the world.
    Four different ways!

    Strange quarks, micro black holes, an antimatter explosion or massive earthquake I think and my favourite….
    …by changing the zero point energy level of the universe thus negating all of exsistence.

    I’ve been waiting for that thing to turn on for ages.
    (Sadly yes I am a Physics geek)

  4. I saw the rap some days ago and i laughed out really loud.. though I was not sure how funny this vid is for non-physicist, because some it has some really insider-ish jokes.

    Well..nevertheless it shows that even we physicist (I’m currently working on my PhD-thesis in solid state physics..so that particle physics is only some kind of hobby..weird eh? 😉 ) have some kind of humor 😉 “Geeky”..but funny.

  5. I really must get off my rear and finish that physics degree. You’re in Sweeden right Ziz?

    Know a guy by any slim chance called Stephen Macken?

  6. Loved his comment on the time travel:

    Dr Brian Cox of the University of Manchester adds: “The energies of billions of cosmic rays that have been hitting the Earth’s atmosphere for five billion years far exceed those we will create at the LHC, so by this logic time travellers should be here already. If these wormholes appear I will personally eat the hat I was given for my first birthday before I received it.”

  7. I’m from Germany..
    And a physics degree is always a good thing! *waves the advertisement flag*

    Oh..and i don’t know someone called Stephen Macken.

  8. Ugh, I spelled it wrong. I suck!

  9. Brian Cox is my new hero

  10. Anyone think GOA should hire Biran Cox as their new community rep? Y’know, just to calm everyone down and placate the angry users…

  11. “Anyone who things the launch will go poorly is a twat”

    “If the Black Orc is over powered, I will solo the entire Greenskin Realm, with a toothpick”

    ….He’s got my vote

  12. Yep — the LHC is a doomsday device. I just hope the intergalactic time travelers that it will teleport back to Earth will be hot. Like… wouldn’t the future Earthlings all look like Tom Brady and his g/f (Gisele whatever?) If not, what are they doing with their time? WAR v. 23?

  13. The last time I read about a super collider being turned on was in a book about zombies and it released the souls of hell into corpses.


  14. +10

    Thank You.


  15. good webstie

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