Mythic Updates: Changes to Open RvR Rules

Yup, you read that right. Following feedback, Mythic have decided to change the chicken rules for the Open RvR ruleset.  Instead of being chickenised whenever you go into a lower tier zone, you will now be able to enter a zone one tier lower and gank the lowbies without any chicken penalty. Hurrah!

I think it’s a good call and should do a lot to assauge the concerns of people like Keen and Snafzg (sorry, can’t find the link for this one, I’m half asleep this morning) who like their RvR a little more unrestrained. It will mean more of a race to level on the Open RvR servers though, since higher levels now have more of an advantage. Whether or not people will mostly bother with the lower tiers is something we’ll just have to wait and see. Unlike other MMOs, there aren’t a lot of reasons to go back.

Also it gives me an excuse to post the chicken picture again.

8 Responses

  1. It’s Core server for me then. I don’t like being ganked by high levels, and it’s not because I hate PvP.

  2. “Also it gives me an excuse to post the chicken picture again.”

    =D lol

  3. Who’s going to post the first chicken vs chicken video? or is there one already?

  4. There is indeed a video of hardcore chicken on chicken action 🙂

    We wrote about it here

  5. Actually, I prefer the old chicken mechanic to this! 😛

  6. There are no reasons to go back in other MMOs either.

    Yet people still go back to cause trouble, if they’re allowed to. I mean hell, my WoW server is PvE and we still get groups of people buzzing Xroads and Sentinel Hill every day. Given the audience that ORvR servers will attract, I suspect life will not be very pleasant on them after the initial leveling push.

  7. Well, in WoW you do sometimes get quests that send you back to the starting zones or to zones where people of different levels will be xping (Hillsbrad is the worst example). You’ll never get a quest in WAR that sends you back to Tier 1.

  8. Tomb of Knowledge = reason enough to go back… if you are a Dark Elf then you might want to unlock the ToK Stuff for Greens and Chaos.

    and then again i see alot of whining about nothing.

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