GOA Headstart FAQ

(I was so tempted to write the title out as GOA HS FAQ.)

Anyhow, Magnus has been answering some questions on Warhammer Alliance boards, check here and here too. GOA are planning to try to get the registration servers up before Sunday if they can. And yes, the EU standard edition pre-order headstart is planned to start one day earlier than the US one.

HS is planned as follows
September 13th – Open Beta servers close
September 14th – Collector’s Edition Head Start
September 15th – Standard Edition Head Start

With many tough lessons learned from the Open Beta launch, we have high hopes for the HS start. Also, to be frank, it will be a bit easier on our servers. 55 000 CE copies were sold. Even if every single one of them is ready to join on Sunday, the load on our servers will still not be as heavy as last Sunday.

We know many are worried about the Head Start after this last week, and I understand this completely. Nothing we can say will redeem this worry (although I personally believe things will go a lot smoother). Hopefully, our actions will speak for us on Sunday.

We’re hopeful too, because that’s how we roll. Plus Arbitrary is on her way to visit (and I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like) and my husband was away in Romania for work this week* but is flying back this afternoon … and I missed him. So I’m happy. Are you happy?

* I asked him to find out how to say “I never drink … wine,” and “Don’t go up to the castle tonight!” in Romanian, because you never know!


4 Responses

  1. Hmm, I see CE get one less day of Head Start than in the US.

  2. You can see it that way or that SE get one extra day. I felt miffed about it for a bit too, but I think more people benefit from the extra day to SE. As long as it all goes smoothly and the CE extra stuff is cool and the heads nice.

    My trip to Games Day means the CE is worthless to me in terms of headstarts as I won’t be able to play at all till monday anyway, but I still think it’s a good package. Just not quite as awesome as it once seemed. But good, solid, collector’s edition.

  3. Gary Oldman FTW 🙂

  4. I never drink … Wine
    Nu beau niciodata … Vin

    don’t go up to the castle tonight
    Nu te duce sus la castel deseara

    Hope you can read Romanian 🙂

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