Back from Games Day

Just a quick thank you to everyone we met at Games Day, it was really fun to meet you all and we had a great time. Special thanks to Ardua from Echoes of Nonsense who drummed up our bravery which allowed us to have a great chat with Paul Barnett.

And the GOA team – they were awesome, sweet and very helpful. And will be glad to have them as our GMs in-game.

4 Responses

  1. How’d things go with Paul? In the interviews it always seems like he’s “putting on” a little bit. What’d you guys think of him when he wasn’t on?

  2. After seeing the images of the Mythic team on a event and the boots Paul bought I’m pretty convinced he’s always like that 😉

  3. Actually he was pretty laid-back when we spoke to him. I mean, he’s obviously a more enthused person than I am generally, but it was nice to be able to talk with him a little more normally.

  4. Paul was a delight. As he said himself (somewhere in the footage) and got us 10 points on the I Spy for an odd comparison, at Games Day he doesn’t have to reach out and seize your attention quite so much. Everyone there is already a Warhammer Fan.

    That said, Paul is Paul, it’s just great fun seeing him so enthusiastic

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