EU Key Validation (and stuff)

Morning everyone! We’re up at Stupid O’Clock to get our stuff together before heading off to Games Day. Although not as early as Ardua@Echoes of Nonsense.

CE codes for headstart have been successfully entered in the EU website. If you are having trouble with this, don’t log in to the site. Just click the tab on the right labelled ‘Code’ (ie. without logging in). The form has spaces for you to enter your site name and password as well as email address and code. You’ll get an email to confirm the headstart code. They have given until the 1st Oct to enter a valid CE code — plenty of time for even the slowest of distributors to get the boxes out after launch.

Good luck to everyone involved at GOA and Mythic, wishing you all a successful head start. We know the game is going to be a hit at this point, we don’t know the numbers but we have started to see early reviews trickling in from the UK press and they are only one step short of ecstatic. Although to be fair, the UK press probably grew up among squiqs anyhow (we love you really!).

GOA have offered 7 days free to everyone who was in the Open Beta as recompense, which is generous given that it was a beta. In real terms, if you assume 100k people in OB all paying £8.99 per month, that offer is worth (8.99*12/52)*100k = £207,461 to the company.  That should keep people happy, as long as the head start and launch go smoothly.

We also have an EU list of headstart servers up on the EU site, and since there’s only one RP Core Server, that’s where our guild will be.

5 Responses

  1. yay for us, and GOA on this occasion

  2. If people have trouble with validation – getting an email that says ‘Registration Issue’ and to follow a link which then tells them that ‘Account is not verified, check inbox’ – then simply resubmit your code. It worked for me on the second attempt.

    Also, there is a message from MagnusK on the Warhammer Alliance forums that says they are giving priority to processing head-start codes, so if you haven’t received an email with respect to your Collector’s Edition items, don’t panic. Yet.

  3. I registered my CE head start and it was a few minutes to receiving the confirmation email 😀

    I’ve been reading this blog for a few months now and would like to thank you all for keeping my Warhammer dietry requirement satiated through many a boring day at work. You save my lunch hours!!!!!! Particularly over this last week because my work blocks gaming sites so adding content from the official site has been a great help.

    Keep up the good work and if you would like an Archmage to add to your guild, you have my email 🙂

  4. So far so good 😀

  5. 14:30 UK time…. tick…tock…tick. So near yet soooo far.

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