Games Day photos

Ok, am just going to link to the photostream on Flickr without any long descriptions of what you’re seeing in the photos. I’ll warn you there’s just one of Paul, not THAT many of the GOA stand and plenty of all-round Games Day Warhammer-y goodness.

If there’s any you want to ask about, feel free to. (Going to work on the video over the next few days).

3 Responses

  1. Random IM bits re: the photos.

    [19:31] Shannon: ….it looks like youre grabbing ass…
    [19:32] Jonathan: where?
    [19:32] Shannon:
    [19:33] Jonathan: oh yeah
    [19:33] Jonathan: Hot hot evil Chaos Warrior, bent of destruction of all that is good and true, ass

    Seph: Chosen: “Man, I know I’m meant to draw aggro, but THIS is over the fucking line.”

  2. ha ha, just showing them to my husband

  3. Damn… corset girl was hot! What an awesome chick she must be to go dressed like that to games day! Very cool.

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