Meeting Paul

Paul was extremely gracious and charming when we met him at Games Day. He was sitting at a little podium in front of the spooling Warhammer Online trailer that people were staring at, ignoring most of what was going on nearby.

A little later, we got the chance to go stand with Paul in the GOA area and chat to him. First of all, we asked him what it was like to be at Games Day where he didn’t need to whip the crowds into a frenzy. He said it was quite relaxing to be a small fish in a big pond for once, and that of course he was used to Games Days since he’d been at Games Workshop for 12 years and attended 8 Games Days. He mentioned how it was interesting to see the game demoed for people who knew the lore extremely well and judged it against that, and how he didn’t need to explain what an Orc was to them at least. And then we chatted a bit about some of our favourite quests in the game and the things we thought people were being impressed by.

In an I-Spy point-scoring moment he likened it to trying to show people around your Church while the Pope was visiting the town. A fair estimation of the levels of interest in all things Warhammer vs all things computer game at Games Day.

About this time Paul dashed off to teach someone playing a Dwarf how to fire a cannon and we commented that the person probably had no idea who was standing there teaching him! Can you imagine?

We got back onto the subject of the quests we enjoyed and the humour in the game. Paul agreed that it had a certain humour element all the way through it, but one which veered very deliberately away from pop culture references, as opposed to World of Warcraft’s way of humourous quests, NPCs and rewards.

And we talked also about who the game was aimed at, the fact it was aiming more at the adult audience not because it was an adult game per se, but because 12-year-olds wanted to be treated like adults. Another design choice we think is really appreciated.

At this point we were joined by others and the chat just grew more, we did some introductions all round and Paul was very open to chatting to everyone that came over, and signed plenty of stuff.

He did keep getting whisked away to speak to people, but each time he’d come back and touch base. Spinks asked about his trousers and he gave us a guided tour of the various patches, some of which he’d done himself, some others had.

There was very little jumping about, only a couple of ‘waaagh’s and just a pleasant chat with someone obviously committed and in love with the game we’ve all grown to love.

3 Responses

  1. Don’t forget. Asking about the trousers resulted in a modelling moment for the video đŸ˜›

  2. haha, I wasn’t going to mention vid until I was sure it worked.

  3. I bet you missed the classic comedy moment of saying to Paul,’what’s that on the bottom of your shoe?’ – if you don’t know what I mean try it out. The words, ‘I’m free!’ Come to mind!

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