Last Hurrah of Headstart

Wotcha everyone,

Well, here we all are.  The Head-Start.

After what feels like decades, it’s time for The Big Show.  Am I ready?  Nah, of course not.

But I am struck by that wonderful, exciting feeling of a game world full of opportunity, just waiting for me to step inside and make the most of it.

Now, I didn’t get much time to play during the open beta, but just so you know that I do read read and value your comments, I created a Swordmaster (Swooosh!), a Bright Wizard, and a Magus.  I would have tried more, but just didn’t get the time.

As you may have guessed from reading between the lines of previous posts, I really enjoyed playing a Swordmaster.  It surprised me how much fun it was, actually.  I’m sort of ambivalent about tanks;  sometimes I enjoy trying to hold aggro, and be all tanky, whilst others I really can’t be bothered.  And their lack of healing ability can annoy me.  But no, playing around with the balance mechanic was fun, and I really liked the whole…  Swooooshiness of it all.

Bright Wizard was just plain random-death fun.  I got all glammed up, tattoos up my arms, and just made stuff burn.  The lack of variety of spells was good for me;  I just wanted to see if everything burned!  It seems most stuff will…  Although I did die seemingly randomly a few times, due to their mechanic.  As I was just trying out the class, it was a giggle when I just fell over when I was just doing fine previously, but I can see how that might get annoying later on.

And I also tried the Magus.  Surf Evil!  That disk is fabulous.  If I had the option of getting one of those in real life, the first thing I’d do is check if I could get all of the doors in the house widened.  If the answer was, “Yes”, then my choice would most likely be, “Yes”.  I love it.  But, and there is a big but, flinging multicoloured bits of head-explodey doom about just didn’t call to me as much as The Gun that Engineers get.  If I was to play Destruction a lot, I’d probably get a Magus, but I don’t think it would be my main.

But all that is gone, as for the next couple of days we all live in Headstart Land.  And then we shall up-sticks to just down the road to Live Public Serverville (Population:  Us).  It’s one of my favourite times in gaming.  As a brand new server in a brand new game, it’s just filled with opportunity.  The game is just starting, and that means that the various hierarchies that seem to form as a server ages aren’t there.  People are just players, their avatars are characters, and we’re all equal.  We are all made of win.

What’s also really cool is that everything we do from now on means something in game.  Every time one of my characters gains a level, that’s a level that will be staying there.  Each piece of armour, each trophy, each shiny coin is mine.  For the last couple of months of gaming, no matter how much I was enjoying myself, or immersed in the game, at the back of my mind I was always aware it would be wiped all too soon.  That last fun-inhibitor is now gone.  So yes, I am having a ball.

And Hawley lives.  I did wonder what I’d do if someone else had the good taste and fashion sense to pick such a fine, manly, fabulous name such as “Hawley”, but luckily (for the server, probably) no-one else wanted it.  So that saved me much agonising, heart-ache, and grumpy moaning about having to find a new name for my healer.  Phew.

In addition, I created a load of alts.  Well, I say alts, but they will probably be played as much as Hawley.  Including a Swordmaster and a Bright Wizard.  I didn’t create them to “save” names, but just because I was so excited.  How could anyone not be?

I don’t know about you, but my future is bright.  So bright, in fact, that I have to wear (white) shades…


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