Find us in-game

Spinks is Lin the Archmage

Arbitrary is Kaja the Rune Priest

Hawley is Hawley the slacker Warrior Priest

We’re in the Insult to Injury guild on Burlok EU RP server. And you are welcome to bug us, send us treats, kill us horribly… as takes your fancy.

I’ve only mentioned our main chars here, as we’re still working out alts and stuff, but anyway I imagine we’ll mostly start by writing about our mains.

We’ve set up a Book of Grudges chat channel and we hope to arrange some server events through this.

11 Responses

  1. RP Server? Interesting…. I was tempted to role RP but then scared myself by having a quick peak at Warhammer history.

    It’s huge, I’d get something wrong and folks would yell.

    At the moment I’m on an open server…. the Level 14’s invaded our level 5 area… we were trapped in the Inn and the guards did nothing… nothing!!! 😦

  2. Wotcha everyone,

    If you fancy trying out a Role-Playing server, try it out.

    Don’t worry unduly about the history; it’s something you can ease yourself into. Get into a guild, and you will probably find there are more than a few people willing and knowledgable enough to answer any questions you might have. Anyone who would yell at you for not knowing something is an arsehole. This is a game.

    Go, play, check it out for a few levels, see if it’s your ‘thing’. I for one am pretty sure I couldn’t play on an open server, though, so that makes you braver than I…


  3. I’ve seen your Regiment name bopping about the second dwarf area!!! (it is regiments rather than guilds in WAR?). Anytime you need a short tanky person give Bloodoath a call!!

  4. Hurrah Bloodoath, I always need short, tanky people!

  5. I’ll be posting a game diary of WAR for my main, Calef on my site…oh there goes the first post!

    Looking forward to getting together with some guild folk soon!

  6. Nice! One to add to the links 🙂

  7. Not the first time I wish the pond didn’t prevent me from playing with you all. ❤ I hope launch goes as smoothly and fun for you as you like. =)

  8. Ooh, I’ve been reading the blog for a while but had no idea you’re on my server. Cool 🙂

    (Seen and fought -alot- of Insult to Injury members. You guys have a pretty large guild, don’t you?)

  9. It is pretty big yeah… started small and built up fast in the few weeks before release.

  10. What a site to stumble across. Using my lacking investigative powers I assume you to be Linnet and Neha ex of DAoC Utopia? If so, hello! I played a Minstrel (Mince Pie!) in DAoC and you both were fantastic in helping me in my first MMO. Hope you are both well.

  11. Ooh Mince! Yeah, Spinks is Linn/Neha and I was Nim/Ailil/Nuriko! We’re both doing fine, how’re you?

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