Joint DAoC/WAR subs announced by GOA

Just received this in email:


9 Responses

  1. Oh, good idea!

  2. I know, I was pretty impressed

  3. hmm I would go for that… if the english servers weren’t so dead lol … at last count there 3 online!

  4. yeah great i got the email also, only there is no way of registering.. gg no re goa ea mythic franse telecom or whoever send the mail 😉

  5. The account pages are due back up soon, though. And you have till 1st October to decide on this sub option.

  6. Ok I have two points

    1. Doac subscribers get a trophy to show off in warhammer (this is the reward from mythic / goa for being a subscriber on doac all those years)

    2. They want to charge us extra for playing Daoc (which is dead btw in europe) they should be giving us the subscription ANYWAY along with WAR

    personally i`m offended – they should be thanking us for our custom – they would not beable to make WAR in the first place if it was not for all those daoc subscribers…..

    thanks for the trophy!! yes yes i am happy with my trophy!

    (would had preferred a free daoc subscription when i pay for WAR) 😐

  7. yes… free daoc plz! along with war its dead anyways as it is anyway

  8. just another method for the capitalist pigs to rape us

  9. […] Whatever happened to this? Maybe it’s a bad idea, but am I the only one who would gladly pay 20 bucks a month for the ability to jump into either game at any time? Is there anyone out there who currently subscribes to both? I can’t really see this being a loss for Mythic at all. But again, maybe I don’t see the business end as clearly as they do. […]

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