Welcome to the WAAAAGH!

As of 8am this morning, ladies and gentlemen, we are at WAR.

A war where we don’t break for tea (sorry Hawley) and where blood and guts are a Good Thing ™. Where racial pairings battle it out for supremacy and to settle a few old scores and grudges. Where ‘bugger’ is as common a battle-cry as ‘waaagh’. Welcome to the Age of Reckoning, and welcome to Warhammer Online.

It’s been a long time coming, there’s been some ups and downs. But here we are. Servers up and open for the masses to join. We look forward to greeting you in game with a mug of ale or a sharp prod.

Enjoy it, it’s been created to be fun. And it is.

Useful Links for Launch Day

How do I enter my EU codes? First create an account if you haven’t registered on the EU warhammer site before. You’ll get a confirmation email. After that, use the CODE tab on the left hand margin to enter your validation code. You don’t need to enter subscription details today.

MagnusK is keeping the EU community informed today via threads on community bboards. So keep checking that for the latest news from GOA. (NB. I linked to the FH Boards because it’s less likely to be overloaded today.)

How do I get to the other zones to meet my friends? Find your way to the warcamp in the zone where you started, there will be a Flight Master there and you can use that to travel between racial areas.

To help with finding warcamps, Massively have some maps showing the routes. Click on your starting zone in this list for the map.  Order: Nordland (Empire), Blighted Isle (High Elf), Ekrund (Dwarf). Destruction: Norsca (Chaos), Mount Bloodhorn (Greenskin), Blighted Isle (Dark Elf).

For all other map related needs, we really like the Atlas at the Tower of Dreams.

How do I set my bind point? Talk to a Rally Master in a local town. It will be the same NPC who gives out influence rewards.

How do I train a craft skill? You will find craft skill trainers in the second (or third) town you encounter in your starting zone. You can’t train crafts before you get there.


3 Responses

  1. yay!

  2. I think my favourite battle cry is ‘pasties’.

    I’m also glad that the dwarfs are from yorkshire, and not scotland. Everyone knows that proper dwarfs are from yorkshire.

  3. Thank you! I swore blind that they were saying ‘pasties’

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