Healers’ Rights!

It all sprung from an innocent comment Spinks made to me that she’d not yet seen a tome unlock for healing. Neither have I. Nor anyone I know. And that does strike me as strange, since there are so many for killing, surviving, etc. I know it’s  probably to make all tome unlocks avaible to all, I really do. But let me tell you, the chances of my Rune Priest getting more than a handful of killing blows on enemy players.. not that high!

Then we move onto the hoary old chestnut about healing people, and whether we do it or not. I’ve seen a few trolls on forums move in to say ‘hey guys, why don’t you do your job and heal’. Well, there’s not much to say to that. Remember the mechanics some of the healers are working with. Hawley just has to unleash his Righteous Fury in order to heal you/me and Spinks’ laser zaps increase or speed up her healing. My debuff means I take less damage, and yes, hey.. you might see me cast a spell that doesn’t seem to increase your health. That doesn’t mean I’m not being a good healer.

Let us learn our classes and how Mythic have diversified them, we’ll let you learn yours and try not to bitch quite so much about how little protection we often get. It’s a new game, with new healing systems and the majority of players are in Tier 2 somewhere.. there’s still a lot to learn about tactics, mastery lines, morale abilities, gear, etc.

Also, remember that our utility grows as we level up. It takes a while to get a big heal (rank 8), so before that all we can do is spam. Some of the heals are over time, so it may not seem as if you get the spike heal you wanted. Shields are good! They give us more time to get to the spike thing. And, don’t worry, healers bitch just as much, if not more if they think other healers aren’t doing their job.

Oh, and when your healer runs off to get the Mourkain artifact.. it’s not a BAD tactic. Healers are pretty good at keeping one another up.

ps. please, could we have some tome unlocks for healing?


9 Responses

  1. Damn straight! I’d like to see tome unlocks for healing in PQs and scenarios. I’d like to see unlocks for ressing in scenarios and keep battles.

    These things are all recorded for scoreboards anyway. So why not tome unlocks for healers? As Arbitrary says, we have other things to do than hunt killing blows.

  2. Agreed to all of the above! I’ve been telling healers and people to tell healers to send feedbacks asking for Healing Tome unlocks.

    Send em!

  3. Healing ToK unlocks is a fantastic idea and I’m not sure why I haven’t seen anyone ask for this sooner!

    I agree with Tahquil, all healers should be sending (positive/constructive) feedback requesting such a feature. 🙂

  4. I agree about healing unlocks. If a Runepriest is expected to get finishing blows for kill unlocks, then other classes should be expected to chug healing potions for healing unlocks 🙂

  5. I think the reason they haven’t is because Tome unlocks are meant to be universal, achievable for every class. Once you start poking down class-specific roads, you could create a huge new slew of unlocks — how many turrets an Engineer places, or how much damage a Tank mitigates — but other classes might get upset they don’t have a chance to get it.

    Still, it’s a good thought and I can see why it’d be very appealing for healers.

  6. I think, or rather *hope*, that we will see a drastic decrease in the “sit back and heal” attitude toward WP and AM as the game goes on and players get more familiar with those classes and the idea of needing to do damage to heal.

    What I don’t expect is the cries to lessen for RP; I anticipate they will change to “if you wanted to DPS and heal, you should have rolled a WP/AM, now get back to your corner and heal”.

    As for that, I can’t say that I blame them; it irritates me as much as anyone and as far as I am concerned when people start commenting on playstyle, they invite me to critique theirs.

    At the end of the day though, RP is about as close to “Healbot” on the Order side, so it is a stigma we will have to bare.

    Luckily we have cool beards to make us feel better! 🙂

  7. I would like them to have something for healers in the leaders board, the leaders board are pretty much for the Tanks and DPS classes it seems. I don’t mind a few tome unlocks, but that leaders board will make it even more fun to have!

  8. Yeah, I kind of get why there aren’t any, but I really don’t see me getting many of the killing blow ones. It’s more likely than a tank getting a healing one, admittedly.

  9. […] More Healers’ Rights! Posted on November 13, 2008 by arbitrary Those of you who’ve followed the blog for quite sometime might remember an old post dating from September. Wow, that really is old! Anyway, in this post I griped a bit about the lack of tome unlocks for healers. […]

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