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Welcome to Rune of Blogging (Go Rune Priests!) and Da Best Plan

If you are like us, you are probably trying to figure out what stats are best on gear for your character/s at the moment. Wizards and Wenches is here to help you out by running some numbers for a comparison on Wounds and Toughness.

Syp gives a great rundown on how to get the tracker title and armour set that we’ve all been talking about in guild chat this week. It’s a set of PvP quests that you can pick up in your teens. You do need to tag a player to have the kill counted, which is very annoying for healers.

Ever wanted a stupidity filter for the internet? Now you can have one. I haven’t dared run this blog through it …

Washington Post reports on Warhammer Online, we knew it was coming via twitters and blogs, but here’s the article. Kind of dull, but remember the source!

Massive interview with Mark Jacobs from Gamasutra, we’d split it and discuss it, but really – take some time out and go read the whole thing.

EA has threatened to ban the Spore accounts of people who keep discussing DRM on the official forums. Smooth.

Eurogamer reports a Fallout MMO in the works.

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link; I do enjoy reading Book of Grudges so keep up the awesome work!

  2. So much divided feelings. I want to thank EA for sponsoring WAR, but what they are doing with Spore… I’m loss for words.

    Wow a Fallout MMO. EA please drop a few million dollars down there will you? Then maybe I can forgive you for the Sporegate.

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