Thanks GMs!

We’d like to take a moment to say thanks to the GOA GMs who did something great for one of our guildmates last week.

In the great naming rush ’08, quite a few people selected the names they wanted as well as popular alternate spellings of such names. So we’re a week or two in (depending when you started) and we’re starting to delete these ‘extra’ names. One of our guildmates, not paying quite enough attention, managed to actually delete her main.

Whatever rank and gear she had, she’d put a lot of effort into the character, but didn’t bitch or moan, she just got on with making and playing an alt, while submitting a ticket to see if anything could be done by GMs.

By the end of the day her main character had been restored.


[obvious disclaimer – not sure if this is something they could do because of particular circumstances, so don’t assume it’s easy or possible – if you delete something by accident it’s best to submit the ticket, but expect the worst].

One Response

  1. As long as you don’t create a new character with the same name, GOA (or most well known mmo-providers) should be able to restore your character. Good to hear it worked out so well 🙂

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