Thanks GMs!

We’d like to take a moment to say thanks to the GOA GMs who did something great for one of our guildmates last week.

In the great naming rush ’08, quite a few people selected the names they wanted as well as popular alternate spellings of such names. So we’re a week or two in (depending when you started) and we’re starting to delete these ‘extra’ names. One of our guildmates, not paying quite enough attention, managed to actually delete her main.

Whatever rank and gear she had, she’d put a lot of effort into the character, but didn’t bitch or moan, she just got on with making and playing an alt, while submitting a ticket to see if anything could be done by GMs.

By the end of the day her main character had been restored.


[obvious disclaimer – not sure if this is something they could do because of particular circumstances, so don’t assume it’s easy or possible – if you delete something by accident it’s best to submit the ticket, but expect the worst].


Little links

Welcome to Rune of Blogging (Go Rune Priests!) and Da Best Plan

If you are like us, you are probably trying to figure out what stats are best on gear for your character/s at the moment. Wizards and Wenches is here to help you out by running some numbers for a comparison on Wounds and Toughness.

Syp gives a great rundown on how to get the tracker title and armour set that we’ve all been talking about in guild chat this week. It’s a set of PvP quests that you can pick up in your teens. You do need to tag a player to have the kill counted, which is very annoying for healers.

Ever wanted a stupidity filter for the internet? Now you can have one. I haven’t dared run this blog through it …

Washington Post reports on Warhammer Online, we knew it was coming via twitters and blogs, but here’s the article. Kind of dull, but remember the source!

Massive interview with Mark Jacobs from Gamasutra, we’d split it and discuss it, but really – take some time out and go read the whole thing.

EA has threatened to ban the Spore accounts of people who keep discussing DRM on the official forums. Smooth.

Eurogamer reports a Fallout MMO in the works.

First GrabBag! How do guilds and cities level?

The Grab Bag is Mythic’s name for the monthly Q&A/FAQ which they used to produce for Dark Age of Camelot. And they’re doing the same thing for WAR. This month they are answering some questions about how guilds and cities gain levels and whether having a lot of (inactive) alts in your guild will hold you back.

There’s a copy on both the Herald (US) and the GOA site (EU) so check out the one for your region, they also include a couple of region specific Q&As to do with account details and bug reporting. I’m not sure where the Oceanic ones are covered, guessing on the US site.

So How’s that Cloning Working Out?

MagnusK runs down some points on how well the cloned servers are working out in the EU. GOA only cloned the servers a couple of days ago so it may be too soon to expect the dust to have settled yet. As of now, perhaps unsurprisingly, most people have chosen to stay on their (over)full server.

He also comments that they’re not planning to force people to roll specific factions (eg. by stopping character creation on any realms) but that there are incentive plans in the works to encourage new players to pick the servers/sides that need more people. He also notes that free transfers are a service they eventually plan to offer.

Best Zone so Far?

So, the game has been launched for a week. We’ve all had a chance to explore some of the earlier zones and scenarios. And I don’t know about anyone else but I already have some loves and hates. I’ve been finding myself drawn to the zones for my own race, and it’s not just because you are more likely to get drops for your race there (you are more likely to get drops for your own race in your own zones by the way). It’s because the storyline is telling me more background about the race I play, and that’s something I really enjoy.

I always regretted in WoW that once you were out of the starting zones, with their very different themes, that’s about all you get for race-specific quests. WAR isn’t like that at all. As I wander through High Elf lands, I’m constantly getting more background about the High Elves and their various regiments. I feel like I know my own character and her background better too.

This is a screenshot I took in the Shadowlands, which is my favourite zone so far. It’s a very dark zone (in colour palette as well as theme), and for me it has a strange stark beauty. Questing through it, you get the story very clearly of past tragedies and a race beset and struggling to fight back. There is also a strong theme to the zone and it’s quests of ‘How do you fight an enemy who has no scruples, without becoming as bad as they are?’ I’d love to see more of this kind of thoughtful storytelling — although I dunno if I really expect that of this game. It also has zombies, which I personally appreciate. Unlike boars, you can never have too many zombies in an MMO.

I find it a moody, gothic kind of fantasy zone which is far different in tone to most of the other High Elf areas which I have seen. I was sorry to leave it and move on to Ellyrion with its gaggle of NPCs who are obsessed with their pretty white ponies — I’m surprised none of the horses have sprouted wings or spoken yet. For a short period of time, High Elves were captivatingly cool and tragic.

Admittedly, now I have a pony of my own  I am definitely appreciating their good points!

Healers’ Rights!

It all sprung from an innocent comment Spinks made to me that she’d not yet seen a tome unlock for healing. Neither have I. Nor anyone I know. And that does strike me as strange, since there are so many for killing, surviving, etc. I know it’s  probably to make all tome unlocks avaible to all, I really do. But let me tell you, the chances of my Rune Priest getting more than a handful of killing blows on enemy players.. not that high!

Then we move onto the hoary old chestnut about healing people, and whether we do it or not. I’ve seen a few trolls on forums move in to say ‘hey guys, why don’t you do your job and heal’. Well, there’s not much to say to that. Remember the mechanics some of the healers are working with. Hawley just has to unleash his Righteous Fury in order to heal you/me and Spinks’ laser zaps increase or speed up her healing. My debuff means I take less damage, and yes, hey.. you might see me cast a spell that doesn’t seem to increase your health. That doesn’t mean I’m not being a good healer.

Let us learn our classes and how Mythic have diversified them, we’ll let you learn yours and try not to bitch quite so much about how little protection we often get. It’s a new game, with new healing systems and the majority of players are in Tier 2 somewhere.. there’s still a lot to learn about tactics, mastery lines, morale abilities, gear, etc.

Also, remember that our utility grows as we level up. It takes a while to get a big heal (rank 8), so before that all we can do is spam. Some of the heals are over time, so it may not seem as if you get the spike heal you wanted. Shields are good! They give us more time to get to the spike thing. And, don’t worry, healers bitch just as much, if not more if they think other healers aren’t doing their job.

Oh, and when your healer runs off to get the Mourkain artifact.. it’s not a BAD tactic. Healers are pretty good at keeping one another up.

ps. please, could we have some tome unlocks for healing?

Making Money in WAR

Warhammer is not really a game about making money. Whatever you do, it is almost impossible for you not to have enough (15g) to buy yourself a mount at level 20 unless you are spending prodigious amounts on the auction house. So don’t ever feel that you need to save money by not buying siege engines or dyeing your gear. You really don’t. You’ll still have enough for your mount even if you send lots of stuff to your friends and guildies, it’s not something you will need to worry about. Spend gold, have fun!

The main scarcity at the moment is for drops that Salvagers and Talisman Makers can use to level their tradeskills. Anything you can find or make that could be useful to either of those two trades can be profitably sold.

Here’s a few other pointers on money making.

1. Do quests. The capital city quests in particular are mostly delivery and discovery quests. The rewards vary from 25s-75s which is a lot at low level, and you can do them at low level. The other quests you will want to do, which are repeatable, are scenario-related quests which you can pick up at a war camp. Do check the quest rewards first, some give more cash and others give more xp.

2. Scenarios. You will earn cash from scenarios, especially if people bother to loot corpses. There is also a renown tactic which gives 5% more gold from PvP. If you don’t have anything else to put into your renown tactic slot, it might not be a bad pick. Each war-camp has repeatable quests that you can take for scenarios, as mentioned above. There is usually one that requires you to complete the scenario and another that requires you to be involved in a set number of kills. The kills one gives more cash so try to remember to keep picking it up.

3. Public Quests. Remember that you can take the cash from the loot bag instead of the drop, I think there is also a tome unlock for doing this enough times. The crafting PQ rewards aren’t likely to be selling for much at low levels but it might be that later on they will fetch enough at auction to be worth taking instead.

4. Crafting. Scavenging and Butchery generate a lot of tat that can be sold to NPC merchants. Any drops that are useful for talisman making are worth selling via auction because talisman materials are scarce at the moment. For cultivating, plants sell to NPCs for the same price as seeds. Goldweed can be useful to Talisman makers so those seeds/ plants are worth auctioning. Some potions sell to NPCs for a tiny amount more than the materials cost, if you have a supply of seeds/leeches/etc. Potions in general are not currently in huge demand, I suspect it’s the healing and AP potions that people will mostly want since the buffs are usually short duration. We don’t really know how demand for crafted goods will pan out at later levels. I suspect there will be a constant demand for talismans, but that most people will either make their own healing potions or have friends who can do it.

5. Auction House. Ah, the most traditional way to make money of them all. Buy cheap, sell dear. To make money from the auctions you need to think about what’s likely to be in demand. Is it worth selling a drop via auction? What’s the going rate? The AH interface is generally good and if you plan to spend a lot of time at auction, you’ll want to check prices on different goods frequently. At low levels, shoulders and cloaks will sell well. Undesired green drops are worth selling too, since you may get more than you would from an NPC from a salvager needing  them to skill up. If you plan to do a lot of auctioning and don’t get overly frustrated at the mail system, it might be worth having a low level auction alt whose sole purpose is to transfer goods between mail, auction, and bank.

Note that your mails from the auctionhouse are in their own separate tab of the mailbox.