About last night (with tips!)

About scenario queuing, if you haven’t read it already all over the WAR blogs, and some of my guildmates hadn’t last night. You can now queue for all scenarios across a tier from anywhere in that tier. Simply open the queuing button and use arrows at the top to select which scenarios to queue for. Or all of them. (NB: There’s also an addon out there that will auto-queue you for all available scenarios, but be warned I think it only queues you solo and also flags you for RvR)

We used it last night to select only our favourite ones from the Tier 3 melange, and that was fairly successful. I suppose because Order are in a minority (do we have a server yet where Order outnumbers Destruction?) we get to be a bit picky with our scenarios. I think I’m mad cos I actually like some of the ones that seem to favour Destruction, but last night we stuck with a couple and I finally got to play the Cemetery. It’s not bad at all, but at the end of the evening, scenario healing definitely gets harder.

What else did we do? Ah yes, discovered that open field RvR might not be the best thing to do in-between queuing for scenarios. And had a starter roleplay event for the guild in Altdorf, which started at Sigmar’s Hammer (yay, Burlok’s Altdorf got to rank 2 at the weekend) and moved to the Blowhole so we could start a real live barroom brawl (a few times, as it happens).

Was a nice mix of an evening, the roleplay reminded me I enjoy being in-character even though I don’t do accents and assume everyone can inject Northernness to my phrasing (kind of dumb, since I lived in Yorkshire for 5 years so could manage the dialect just fine if I stopped to think about it), but I prefer to get my message across. So with the promise of more roleplay, we went our separate ways. Good times.

And because I mentioned Sigmar’s Hammer and this started with a tip, I’ll end with a tip. Go to Sigmar’s Hammer, head to Quartermaster and buy a scroll of recall (whatever it’s called). Go upstairs and check the flightmaster – you can fly to anywhere from Sigmar’s and you can now port to Sigmar’s from anywhere for 30 brass. Just remember the scroll disappears when used and doesn’t stack (though you can buy more than one) so buy one everytime you port there.


2 Responses

  1. Phoenix Throne, an RP server, is said to have a slightly higher Order population. It’s also the #1 server in population overall.

    I expect that Order is pushing higher on most servers now, though, with the launch behind us. The only numbers available only pick up guilded characters, and casuals just getting in are most likely to not already be in a guild.

  2. Oh, the scroll is fixed? Yay!!! And I didn’t know there was a flightmaster upstairs in Sigmar’s either….

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