First City Siege?

Well, it’s the first one we have heard about. Destruction locked down the two dwarf and elf fortresses in a late night siege and have been assaulting Altdorf on Karak Eight Peaks (EU). It’s worth knowing that this is one of the most heavily populated EU servers which regularly has queues for both sides.

Here’s some threads about it, and here and another one hereAnd another.

This is a lot sooner than the months Mythic was predicting. And we have to wonder whether it will start a trend for Destruction to dominate on all servers.

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  1. I was wondering, wont the game tend to get lopsided if the best gear is from city sieges and rvr and destruction is more numerous so they will dominate and be better geared which will make them dominate even more? Just curious.

  2. Sadly it looks like they did not test out the forts too well. The guards were ineffective and someone let them in the order-only back door.

  3. There is a 24 hr limit to the occupation of a city then it reverts back to its original owners. I just don’t know how long it is before the opposition can try to take it again.

  4. Aaaw, this look bad. Both from a siege and balance perspective :/

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  6. The problem is, if it happens like this, we’ll have to spend half our time levelling Altdorf just so we have some basics like the guild tavern.

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  8. It is a shame, as mentioned the keep bugged and let people in the back door. But its also a shame so few players can actually take the city – surely the NPCs should be able to cope with such an attack ?

    There appears to be a problem with Altdorf locking out the few Order players as they were not high enough in level to be deemed worthy of defending.

    Oh well, lets hope a fix will go in to prevent Altdorf falling ever night from now on.

  9. I am also a bit concerned about the way they decided to take the two secondary fortress to open up the city to siege. With those two fortresses not having a city to back it up, how easy is it for defenders to get there quickly? Seems like something that could become a pattern.

  10. The fact that they all marched around to the back and let themselves in the Order-door peeves me; that’s got “Exploit” written all over it. It’s a bug (clearly). Taking advantage of it had better be a violation of the terms of service, at least. Regardless, the guards need to be far meaner. It should take more than a half-geared non-40 warband to waltz through.

    Perhaps the strength of the guards could increase or wane given how many Order players are in the region, or even how many players are on the server at any one time. If there is no Order in the region, then the guards should be behemoths. What kind of end-game is a 2nd-week “We win”?

  11. The whole event seems too mysterious – surely the Developers were aware of these issues long before launch? Avoiding the guards for example. Though the AI here is minimal since line of sight means nothing and only proximity plays a role in NPCs detecting players – the proximity being a tiny distance which makes evasion ludicrously simple.

    The rest I’m not sure about. Something is completely out of whack or bugged but I have some faith Mythic will follow their current trend and implement any necessary fixes (assuming this is broken somehow) quickly.

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  13. The whole point is that Mythic allows players to conquer undefended cities. This is wrong. The fact they used back door is of little importance(they got the castle 10 min faster). Same goes for avoiding guards.
    Even if all players on server are 40, there will be a time gap where you could use fingers to count the number of players online. We’ll get guilds made of people without real life obligations who constantly look for empty server time gaps and believe me they won’t get bored.
    I’ve witness taking undefended keeps. Not that is boring, it’s not in the game spirit. Luckly the reward is much smaller that way. But to take an undefended city, thats much better coz the reward is ultimate endgame.

    Mythic should simply made T4 zone locking unavailable when the number of each realm players drops below certain limit.

  14. Well, they started taking zones around 1:40 am and at 9am altdorf was contested and soon after taken. Too bad it wasnt the other side around. We need to move order around and take Innevitable city.

  15. They should have it where once you take both fortress’s there is a 24 hour period before you can attack the city, so that the other realm can get prepared for the invasion.

  16. No, we didn’t start taking zones at 1am, we started around 7pm. Altdorf was contested at around 1ish.
    The back doors of T4 fortresses are attackable and not order-only, unlike T3 keeps etc. They are weaker than the front doors and have no oil spawn above them, so it is logical that we’d use it. A bit of tweaking needed? yes. Bug abusers? No.

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  18. The fact that the campaign reseted if a few hours and that Altdorf didnt lose a star tells me that things didnt work as intended.

  19. I love the ppl that judge the game by its 1st week.
    The bloody folx on that server had no opposition players cuz order is too busy rerolling after only 5-10 levels , no wonder they barely have any t4 players.
    This is a normal thing , alot of destros rushed into T4 (wow can be leveld to 40 in a week to) and found no opposition , so it was piece of cake . No bugs , no exploits , no omgwtf classes that 1shot heros and lords.

    Its all Order’s fault , they barely have any 30+ on all of servers cuz they constantly reroll or play only 1 scenario (tor anroc mostly cuz thnx to bug they win it most of the time) and dont have time for world RvR. And most importantly , they scatter at first sight of force stronger than them , i have personally seen them running away . When destro gets outnumbered it calls backup , when order gets outnumbered they run away . It’s a fact.

  20. hals, you’re an idiot… how can we call for back up when there aint enough of us? destruction players got it so easy, they dont even have to get organised, all it takes is a good zerg right from the starcraft tactics book.

    if we actually had some balanced populations levels the fight could be fair. but alas, it ain’t like that so we can only hope for the best. we take a keep (if we manage to do so before the zerg machine comes) and its taken back a while later by a large host of destruction, it’s pointless and hopeless.

    plus, these fellas on eight peaks used bugs and exploits to get to altdorf? how weak, isn’t numerical superiority not enough? weak stuff

  21. It wouldn’t surprise me if the people who were assaulting altdorf were using every exploit they could muster, destruction on Karak Eight Peaks regularly take keeps by attacking the keep lords from the ground floor (through the floor) while the champions ping pong to the stairs and back.

    Not to mention defending forces couldn’t even get into altdorf to defend as they weren’t high enough level. What happened to every last man defending the main city?

    And contrary to what hals said, in my experience unless destruction outnumber their foes 3-1 they don’t bother attacking at all and just hide behind the 55 guards in the nearest camp.

  22. Hals people like you who power level up to the highest level in a couple of weeks are the same assclowns who’ll complain in a week or two about lack of content.

    Just because people choose to enjoy the game rather than feverishly pursuing the next level doesn’t mean they’re constantly rerolling new characters.

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  24. I am always for back doors.
    You never know.

  25. Sadly it looks like they did not test out the forts too well

  26. […] may remember this server name because it was the EU server on which we reported the first capital city under siege. This turned out to have exposed a barrel load of exploits by which Destruction players had been […]

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