3 tanks, 2 healers

In many games we’ve played, in fact, in most there was a need for a well-balanced group made up of a core of healer/tank/dps and then adding as required from other utility classes. In DAoC we often had 2 healers, in LotRO we did when we could, in WoW.. sometimes, but less often because of the smaller group size.

In WAR, as a healer, I’m tending to just group up with anyone interested to attempt PQs and quests. I can duo quests quite nicely, and solo some (of course). PQs, well.. I can grind the first stage, but there’s a moment when that becomes dull and I just ask randomly if people want to join up. Usually while queuing for scenarios, either across zones or while we play together.

The other day I’d suggested to Lin that we attempt some Chapter 11 Elf stuff. Asked in guild if anyone wanted to queue with us and said we were hanging out doing some Elf PQs, and we gained 3 tanks (2 Ironbreakers and a Swordmaster) and set off. Before we’d been very slowly chugging away at a PQ together, when the tanks arrived we got treated to their way of play – gather up every mob and whirlwind kill it. Works very well with some healing added! Especially when one of the healers gets to AE and the other can handle the group healing. We went through the PQs very fast, almost crazily considering we had no straight dps class with us.

What can I say? It was awesome fun.


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