Come on GOA

So this morning I hear a guildmate has received the following:

Your account XXXXXX was closed because the previous subscription period expired.

The war is continuing without you, but you can still chose to play a part! If you wish to purchase a new subscription period, please visit our website.

The WAR Team

Of course, we can’t yet actually put in any subscription details on the GOA site. But he’s not the only one to have had this problem.

Now, these are all people who’ve entered retail codes or I believe the cut-off would have been earlier. They should have a month’s free play attached plus the bonus time from what I remember. What gives?

Spinks just pointed out this post by Magnus which refers to a problem some standard edition players had with validating their codes and then being told their accounts had run out. As the grace period for CE headstarts ran out on October 1st, it looks like the same might be affecting these players now. Magnus’ suggestions were:

  • attempt to validate your retail code again
  • attempt to run the client
  • contact Customer Support
  • and right now, dashing to work, it’s all I can suggest too.


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