Hurrah for Group Heal

Ah group heal, how I love you. I hit 20 a few days back on my Archmage and forgot to go and get my horse because I was so keen to try Blessing of Isha out in scenarios. The great thing about a group heal like this is that you get unlimited possibilities to annoy the other side by hiding under, over, or behind stuff and still getting some healing out to your group.

All the WAR healers get group heals and to be honest, the Archmage/Shaman one is probably one of the worst. But that’s not the point. It has a great glow. It counts as a direct heal on every person that it hits, which means that a group heal is likely to include at least one crit. So if you have any tactics that require a crit you can usually trigger them with a group heal. And you can hide on the bottom floor of a keep, or under a bridge, or behind a tree …  You can also spam it in scenarios if you think your team might be in range and try to cheese the meters — not that we do that of course. Too busy being killed by Witch Elves or lag.

But I do love my group heal. To really get the best out of it, you need several people (like, at least 3) in your group to have taken some damage and to be within range. Because there isn’t much of a range check in the UI, you’ll just have to get a feel for this. Not only does it not require line of sight, it also doesn’t need to be targetted. So it’s quite a good spell to spam if you are suffering a lot of lag. It may or may not keep people alive but it has a better chance of doing something useful than you trying to target someone who died 5s ago.

Since I got the spell, I find myself taking a far more personal interest in the scenery in scenarios. Where could be hidden behind? Or under? Or over? Where won’t people think to look first? I think my favourites so far are under the various bridges in Talabec Dam, or on the top floor of a keep (when doing keep defence).

In PvE you don’t really need to hide behind trees, although you can if you like. It’d be better to hide behind one of the other healers if you plan to heal the universe before the tanks have had much of a chance to grab threat from the mobs.  Course, it was great when me and Arbitrary were doing some PQs and the tanks were competing as to how many mobs they all could pull.  I was very impressed that they held them all despite our best efforts. But I had my AE detaunt and sprint buttons ready, just on the off chance!


2 Responses

  1. The rank 2 morale ability, Focussed Mind, is a must have due to it’s synergy with Blessing of Isha. It doubles your build times and makes you immune to disruption for 10 seconds.

    If things are looking a little dicey, you can spam about 3 or 4 group heals during those 10 seconds, AP permitting, which has on many occasions saved my group’s derriere!

  2. Damn, that should be:

    ‘doubles your build rates’ or ‘halves your build times’

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