Pelt of the Dark Young (spoilers)

Look what Spinks found this morning! (and yes, this is our toons posing). Go to Avelorn, head to first camp north of warcamp you fly into (Well of Whispers). Wait for nasty big Gor to attack (regular level 26 mob), kill and get Bossie Beastie tome unlock. He’s called Khurraak Might-Horns.

5 Responses

  1. It’s furry!

    This was very funny because I’d actually logged out there. So I logged in to find a named gor fighting the NPC archer next to me … killed it, and *ping* tome unlock. That was quite jammy.

  2. bah, at least put on a spoiler warning!

    So I could have gone “ooh, spoilers” before reading it anyway …. 😉

  3. Sweet, thanks for the information!

  4. What server are you on?
    Do you have a guild thats accepting new members? I need to make some Order on a server with a good guild!

  5. @Timm the guild we’re in is called Insult to Injury and we’re on Burlok. Recruitment is currently frozen as we got a ton of people as the game launched and we’re all trying to get to know one another. But keep an eye on it if you’re interested:

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