Amusing conversations while trying to kill Greenskins

So it’s no secret I’m a bit of a Teamspeak fan. Though, with the influx of new people for Warhammer Online, I do find myself asking a bit more often ‘who’s that?’ but I’m even starting to get used to all the new voices and accents.

We talk about all sorts of things, jobs, pets, travel. We also discuss the game quite a bit, and it does percolate back to the blog sometimes, especially when there’s been an interesting discussion about what things we’d like to add to contributions or how best to tackle a certain scenario or who is the biggest challenge to heal in the guild. Often it’s all harmless amusing stuff, but I learn a lot from my guildmates and their experience, on Teamspeak and on guildchat.

Sometimes though, Teamspeak will go a little surreal and it doesn’t quite move over to guildchat – someone will make an amusing or thoughtful comment and because we have such wits in the guild it’ll go to a completely different place.

For example, so far my favourite Teamspeak conversation has been:

Could you live solely on chocolate, and if so, what brand of chocolate would keep you alive longest?

7 Responses

  1. None of the yarky American ones, that’s for sure. Cadbury’s would be ok, as long as it has nuts in. Milka (Swiss brand) is yummy, and cheaper than Lindt. For dark chocolate, you can’t beat French Chocolat Poulain (who I think are owned by Cadbury’s now anyway).

    And thanks, now I’ve broken out in spots just *thinking* about chocolate!

  2. Green and Blacks with vanilla essence – No competition…

    Of course, if you were going to widen it to other confectionary I’d have to offer Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough ice cream.

  3. Oh… difficult one. Green and Blacks is a good choice but I’d favour Butterscotch. Twix would be good if biscuit counts as protein but I’m not sure it does.
    Lidl have a FANTASTIC dark chocolate with hazelnut chocolate bar that would be possibly the happiest way to go.. hmm.. might have to think more on this.

  4. Only one thing could sustain me, Snickers.

  5. Fruit and nut would probably be the best for keeping you alive…

    I seem to be living off of Wispas of late though.

  6. We decided it’d have to be something with fruit and nut – my choice being the new fruit and nut toblerone 🙂

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