Missing your daily Greenskin dose?

Apparently Snafzg is having some problems with people from the Oceanic and Asian countries accessing his blog, so this is really a message from him to anyone affected who thinks his blog is on some kind of crazy hiatus – we all know fungi don’t sleep!!!

If someone can’t see my site, here’s what I need from them:

— Their IP address (http://whatismyip.com)
— A traceroute from their computer to my site (“tracert thegreenskin.com” from the command prompt) – at some point they will start to see a string of * symbols as output
— Their country (where they can’t visit my blog from)

If they send their IP address, traceroute output, and country in an email to snafzg@gmail.com, I can forward it along to my Web host and we can begin to fix the problem. None of this information will be shared with anyone else even though none of it is very sensitive to begin with.

Good luck to any who need to use this – hope you’re back reading him soon.


2 Responses

  1. Heh i never read him in the first place

    i had to use Shots to get an american ip to take a shot of it and then magnify that to see that there really was a page and i couldn’t get in touch with him otherwise 😛

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