School of Hard Knocks

I bet by now we have all had that scenario run. You know the one where the other team was really organised and kitted out in their best gear of <insert your class here>-killing and yours were trying for naked unlocks and playing ‘run away from the guy with the thingie’? The scenario where you got killed every time you got within a whisker of some actual action? The one where all your healers were guarding one flag and everyone else was at the other? Where you found yourself thinking ‘Please let this end already’ at about 1 minute in?  The one where you felt that not only you but also your whole realm was outgunned and useless?

You know that scenario?

It sucks. And being people, we have a way of letting the bad times get to us. There are good scenarios too of course, and they’re good for morale but they don’t get to us in the way that the bad ones do. This is one of the strengths and weaknesses of PvP in a game, emotionally it can be a real roller coaster. I get mildly frustrated at PVE from time to time — maybe my healer is struggling to kill mobs faster than the respawn or I pulled a champion mob by mistake or landed with a quest that I just can’t solo. That’s irritating. But nothing compared to the miasma of self-pity that a really bad PvP set of encounters can leave you with. It’s partly because with PvE, you can be thinking ‘OK, is this possible for my class? What can I do next time? Was I just not paying attention?’; with PvP there’s more of a personal element. Was that guy just better than me? Is my class underpowered? Should I just give up now?

Although it’s really annoying when people say this to us, it’s just a game. There will be good times too. You have to pick yourself up and keep going. Get a more organised group, think about how you can make your character more survivable, remember that RvR is a roller-coaster, don’t take it personally. The fact that we react this strongly to these kind of games is one of the reasons that we love them! If we weren’t that invested, it would mean that we didn’t care.

Sometimes the whole realm seems to suffer from a loss of morale. That’s when you’ll see who the guys are that you really want to be storming the castles with. They will be the ones who don’t give up and who keep trying. And really, the only way to lose a game like WAR is when you stop trying to win!

Do rough PvP fights get you down? And how do you handle it?


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  1. With scenarios I tend to think ‘well.. it was just 15 mins’ or take that one off my queue for a while and try some others.

    With open field, I think it’s harder to get back up, but if I’ve played as best as I could, I feel ok. If I’ve made dumb mistakes I feel worse.. but these days I do tend to get a bit down, but then bounce back up.

  2. Yeah, definitely know what you mean. We’ve all been there. Usually I just take a short break from scenarios because a losing streak feels even worse. RvR rarely has this demoralizing effect.

    It is quite amazing how 10 people rush to the first tank they see, ignore the enemy healers and casters… and die. Sometimes I find that I am the only one trying to stop a flag carrier or hold a victory point. When I know I am going to die, it is often easy to draw several people in the wrong direction and help my team.

    Even worse are the players who know what they are doing, but are too busy DPSing to care about actually winning and helping others.

  3. Three years of Guild Wars PvP has really toughened my morale up. I don’t let it get to me anymore. In fact, losing just makes me want to PvP more.

  4. I was there big time last night 😛 Now that i’ve cooled down, it has reminded me how the Scenarios can be improved.

    A better txt description of what the actual mechanics of each scenario would help new players, as some need to be played alot just to get the feel of them.

    A layout of how points are scored and how the whole renown/exp is worked out would be a nice addition.
    Being able to see flags,pacifiers ect alot easier on the map would help stop people wondering around and help focus the players in certain areas.

    Not just a txt announcement on screen but also a clear voice telling the players about key events happening, as it is so easy to miss while you are fighting.

    Making the 2+ groups into a warband so that you can use all your buff abilites on anyone you find yourself next too.

    I bet there is a pretty long list that can be worked into the game.

  5. I’ve bashed my keyboard in frustration once, I was being slotted every time i came near a fight and no one else was pushing against the enemy while the enemy picked us off with impunity with their range attacks. Its when the adrenaline gets running that sometimes reason slips out the window, like waiting to group up till you try again.

    I usually just start mouthing off at my brother who is playing at the same time just a few ft away from me, that allows me to vent a bit, then i’ll go in for a different scenario and it usually perks me up, as having one person who you can coordinate with at least allows you to to pull off more stuff than being on your own and gives another sense of perspective, when you are saying but no ones charging and pushing the battle lines with me!? you get your fellow player saying, well everyone else is a bunch of ranged classes and the tanks have just died and are respawning. .

  6. I like when I get in a scenario and there is that 1 guy that says, “OMG! Let’s not try to loose this one again”. They say this before the Scenario even starts. Or they say, “Why does (insert faction) suck so bad. “.
    I had this happen to me lastnight and we ended up winning big. I’m sure it because of me (56 kills- 0 deaths). My ego will explode if I lose jk. I feel if I win a lot of matches in a row and I do good because my team does good, when I lose I pick at my stats to see what I did wrong. I never look at other peoples stats cuz I can’t fix them. I don’t get upset tho it is just a game

  7. I truly dislike scenarios, and will only queue up for them when world RvR is at a standstill. In a scenario (particularly Phoenix Gate, where both sides just guard their own flag and refuse to move), the game seems to last forever. And the hit you with an experience point bonus at the end, which I really don’t want – I like to pace my experience gains carefully so I don’t accidentally level out of a tier before I’m ready.

    Another reason for my preference of world RvR is this: In world RvR, when you run into a huge concentration of enemies you can avoid them, ambush them when they are pre-occupied, or rally some more people to take them on. In a scenario, you are forced to use whatever scant resources may be available to you for 15 minutes. While it may be a challenge, it also goes against my cardinal rule of RvR: hit them where they are weakest (AKA: Kick ’em in the nuggets!). Yes, I know you can try to attack weak points in a scenario, but there is only so much maneuvering and skulking around you can do in such a small area, and outmaneuvering your opponent is a portion of the fun, for me.

  8. They don’t really get me down. I don;t let them. I just pve or log off and play lotro for a while until I feel like abuse again 😉

  9. Some time ago, after some training and struggle, our Guild Wars guild cracked the top 100 in the world. Pretty proud moment since it was everyone’s personal best so far. Then the guild leader went on holiday and left me in charge.

    Over the next week, we plummeted down into the <1000s. Didn’t win a single fight in any mode. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t entirely my fault, but I’ve not had the taste for PVP in any game since then. Trying to reclaim it in WAR though.

  10. Some games I feel like I’m the king. The very next game I’ll do so bad that I should just close my account. Very up and down. At the end of a 8+ hour non stop pvp fest. I am mentally and phisically exhausted. I guess what I’m getting at is learn to take breaks.

  11. I rage on good bloggers, actually! Like Book of Grudges, or The Raven Calls, pointing out even the smallest of mistakes that really dont make any difference at all. Good to know, watch my IP get banned from Book of Grudges.

  12. Whenever I have a bad scenario, I just remember that golden moment (about two weeks ago) that we creamed them 500-10. And chuckle… A lot!

  13. Convert – we didn’t IP ban you, the spam blocker on WordPress somehow thought you were spam, and I only just noticed and freed up the comments you made.

    Apologies, it’s only happened once before that it wasn’t spam. Hrrm, I did deflag both your comments, but only one has turned up, apologies again.

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