Alternate Scoring for Tor Anroc

Forget killing the dude with the thingie, we all know that the real objective in Tor Anroc is to throw as many of the other team into the lava as possible with your knockback!

Unfortunately the scorecard doesn’t adequately reflect this (scorecards are obsessed with holding thingies and hitting/healing stuff to an unnatural degree!) so you’ll have to keep score yourself and compare with your mates later. The scores are additive , so if you knock someone into lava, have them land on an island, and then watch them die there, you can score 3 + 2 + 5 = 10 points!

  • Knock someone into lava: 3 points
  • Knock more than one person into lava at once: +1 point for each extra person
  • Knock someone into lava and have them land neatly on an island: 5 points
  • Knock someone into lava and have them land on an island which already has someone else on it: 3 points
  • Knock someone into lava and watch them die: 2 points
  • Knock someone into lava who manages to escape: -1 point

7 Responses

  1. Is it sad that I practiced this last night? (mind you, I’d read the post in advance!)

  2. It rocks! Give yourself points for style and technique!

    I have moved on to trying to thow people off bridges in Talabec Dam.

  3. I’m really not very good at it yet, only just got the knockback and sometimes am too trigger-happy or staring at health to really aim it. Thus the need to practice.

  4. I think a panel of judges should award marks for technical merit and artistic interpretation, though it could lead to trouble…

    “And there’s uproar as Craig Revel Dark Elf only awards a 5.4 for that magnificent lava fling, the Elf judge is hitting him with the scorecards now, I’m not sure the Chaos judge should be doing that with a tentacle…”

  5. It’s all in the positioning :p
    Get yer head down over the target, steady yourself, smoothly does it on the back swing, and put plenty of oomph into the follow through.
    Other points I’ve noticed;
    Trigger it nice n’ early, it seems to work better if there’s a gap between you and the bal…err.. puntee.
    Even the smallest/ thinnest object between you and the victim can cause a misfire.
    If you can only launch one at a time, develop a preference for launching rooted/ slowed victims, to make the most of your time at bat.

    Another fun game to play in Tor Anroc is “king of the lava hill”. Having been punted into the lava yersel’, make it to an island, and wait for the an opponent to try to get on “your island”. Then punt him back in 🙂

  6. Sounds like the making of a good drinking game.

  7. Awesome, and agree with Winged Nazgul!

    Not sure about the Knock more than one person into lava at once: +1 point for each extra person

    Think maybe ‘computer game’ combo scoring should be used instead, so for two people it’s x2, for three it’s x3, and so on.

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