Favourite monsters

(spinks) Everyone has some kind of enemy they really love to kill. For me, it’s undead and nazis. You can’t actually go wrong with either of those enemy types. There’s no such thing as a game with too many nazis or too many zombies.

So imagine how I felt when I got to fight a GIANT skeleton in Ellyrion? The only way it could have been better would have been if it had an SS uniform.

( arbitrary) Nurglings! They’re small and fat and need to be squished underfoot. They’re kind of a pest, but if I could have a cuddly toy one, I probably would. Which means I like to kill them, obviously. Don’t even go there with analysing that!


4 Responses

  1. For me it’s Paris Hiltons. I’m always happiest when slaughtering my way through a bunch of hideous soulless monsters, and so I seek out this faction in any MMO that I play.

  2. Oh a plush nurgling…I sooo want one!!

  3. City of Heroes!
    It has undead (In both the magic and science zombie variety) and intergalactic quasi fascists that took over ungerground Nazis

    Nazis that still show up in time travel quests!

  4. Ardua, one of the things that influenced me to stop playing CoH was when they took the 5th column out. Before that I used to bug my husband for us to go do loads of nazi quests all the time!

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