Hello World.

Wotcha everyone,

Right now it’s Monday, 13th of October.  Sometime in the afternoon, shortly before lunch.  And, ladies and gentlemen, I am without internet.

Now, there’s no point in boring you with the Ballad of Hawley’s House Move, but it has meant that, apart from the odd moment of checking email, I’ve not had broadband for two weeks.

And I’m here to say that yes, I am an addict.

It’s quite surprising, really.  Those little moments where you check for emails whilst having a brew, being able to shop online and those hours of smacking people in the face with a hammer have been taken for granted by myself.  And without those little online graces, I’ve had the indignity of interacting with real people in real shops, using treeware for the little things like checking for ‘phone numbers, and actual physical exertion whilst running from the local police due to my hammer related antics.

I haven’t even had Wikipedia.  *That’s* how bad it’s been.

And my Warhammer Online fix has had to be provided by the two trailers that are on the install discs.  The ones that we’ve seen previously.  And that I drool over.  I’ve had to drool over them a lot, recently.

So, “War is Everywhere”.  Apart from at Fortress Hawley, which might as well be situated in a small, rustic hamlet in provincial Elbonia, due to it’s isolation right now.

It’s weird.  It’s only two weeks, but it feels like forever.  I keep thinking everyone else on Burlok will have been level 40, participated in numerous City sieges, and have officially “Won” Warhammer Online for at least a week, by the time I get back in.  I keep falling for the same rather stupid thought:  If I can’t play Warhammer Online, why not fire up World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings Online?  Hey, Methadone’s methadone, after all.  Stupid, stupid Hawley!  How would I renew the subscriptions without an internet connection!  Oh, and will I come back to an empty server, because the Next Big Thing has been released, and because everyone else had the internet, they got to find out about it?

But it’s also reminded me of why I play Online games, and why, despite their limitations, I love them so much.  Playing solo games just hasn’t been the same, because I miss the people.  I miss the social interaction of grouping up with people, seeing how they are, and joining in a common goal.

I miss trolling ’round Troll Country in a group, looking for Public Quests to do.  I miss getting into a warband, and looking for some argy-bargy.  I miss getting into a scenario group, and running around Phoenix Gate, or Mourkain’s Temple, or even Stonetroll Crossing whilst frantically flinging out heals, and looking for Zealots to chase around the place (I love chasing Zealots around.  One day I’ll catch one, and be in real trouble).

And what’s more, I miss all of the above more than I miss other MMOs.  I miss Warhammer Online almost as much as I miss my email (How did I live before email?), and let’s face it, if I hadn’t had my beloved Tea as well, I’d have been in real trouble.

However, I’ll only be able to publish this when I get my connection some time on Wednesday, the 15th.  Two days time.  Not that I’m counting.  At all.  Ever.  No, not me.  I wouldn’t do that.  Two days.  Two days.

See, that’s why I put the date on at the start!  Because it’s now later, and I am back as a real person in the virtual world.

How have you all been?  I missed you.


Addendum – My connection was enabled a whole day earlier than promised.  God bless my ISP!


11 Responses

  1. SO happy to have you back!

  2. Yay, welcome back! Tea anyone?

  3. Treeware.. I love it. Must try and build it into a conversation today..

  4. Hurrrah! Welcome back.

  5. welcome back.
    love your blog

  6. Welcome back Hawley, looking forward to catching up with you in game.

  7. Suggestion – make sure you have a internet ready mobile phone as a back-up for the furture! Saved me many a time 😉

  8. Welcome back mate. I know some of what you went through. My computer imploded a week or two ago.

    Also +5 pts for the Dilbert Reference

  9. Welcome back mate, but yes we were indeed all level 40, but in respect of your lack of access we all rerolled and have not quite got back there, except for Mathias, hes always too quick.

  10. Welcome back.

    Actually treeware made me a little more than just chuckle 😉

    Aaaannd..Zelots are fun to chase! 😉

  11. Wotcha everyone,

    Thanks for the welcome, very kind of you all. It’s great to be back, and see you all.


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