Why did you take our scrolls away?


I miss Sigmar’s Hammer.

I realise it was meant to be at Guild Rank 17 we could get ‘transit to Sigmar’s Hammer’, well actually, I didn’t realise it until the patch the other day. We’d all got used to it, and loved it with a passion.

We can only level the guild as fast as we can level it. So we’ll just sit around and whine.

And yes, I could go to Sigmar’s Hammer by ‘foot’ but to be honest, it’s usually faster for me to get to a Keep to get Renown stuff, and Order own keeps often enough for this not to have become a problem.


10 Responses

  1. I’d like to second the “Waaaaaaaaaa!!!” and propose an additional “noooooooooo!” I’d suggest organising a massed protest outside Sigmar’s Hammer, but, y’know, it’d just be too much hassle to get there…

  2. I’m on an Order-challenged server, so having keeps is less than likely. Also, the scroll is nice because it gets you fast access to a flight master; this matters if you’re using queue all and need to get to the appropriate warcamp to trade in the quests. With the recall scroll, you can set your book of binding to somewhere that doesn’t have a flight master. This can help a lot if you’re actually working on PVE content. Ah well, no one is doing that anyway.

  3. Oh I was so annoyed when they took that scroll away. It’s crazy to need guilds to be rank 17 to use it, it makes it SO MUCH EASIER to organise guild events when you can just get everyone to go via Sigmar’s Hammer.

    I don’t know what Mythic was thinking to make it such a hassle to get. It should have been available before alliances!

  4. I never could buy that scroll on Thorgrim. 😦 And rank 17 guild to use it? I thought it was 15! That’s what makes me sad. . .

  5. I can only think it’s so people have a harder time defending the city?

    other than that, I have no idea why game companies put roadblocks like this in. No scrolls, hearthing/binding is on a 1 hour cooldown. Why? Why make it harder for us to get around and play the game? Why force us to run around forever bored and do things that are less fun?

    It just boggles my mind.

  6. Yes, there was much QQing in our guild that day. Yet it’s only 4 guild ranks away, so hopefully in a couple weeks we’ll be back to the ‘Mar in no time.

  7. @Syp: Now that you mention it, I wonder what effect this is going to have on guild recruitment. All else being equal, it’s better to be in a guild that’s high enough to get at the scrolls (or at least large enough to get there quickly).

  8. Haven’t been able to buy them at all so far 😦 so we didn’t get that nice bug 😦

  9. I bought up a bunch of them when it became possible to buy them and then logged out. They patched within the next day or two and I never even got to use the useless paper now sitting in my inventory 😦

  10. It’s annoying because of the sheer convenience of them. With those, you could go to Altdorf whenever you damn well pleased instead of hoofing it to the nearest Warcamp.

    Hell, that alone would have made AHing items so convenient anyone would be hard-pressed to justify vendoring them if they could get more for em off the AH.

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