Quick house-keeping

Have done a quick run through the Blogroll and taken out any not updated for a month or who have said they won’t be blogging anymore.

If you want to be added, drop me a note here and I’ll do another run-through!

Also, if you blog about Warhammer – please add an RSS feed. I want to be able to read all the posts every day, but on days I work a lot, it’s not so easy to remember to go and open stuff up. And which are in the reader and which aren’t. So you’ll save me (and almost certainly others) time and make the posts more open to being followed. It’s a good thing, and easy to do!


13 Responses

  1. Mine isn’t really a WAR blog, I just blog about whatever game I’m currently playing.

  2. For those without visible RSS/Atom links – most blogs will still contain the links for detection by browsers and readers if you dig into the source code of the page. They’ll be listed at the top of the code as LINK tags with a rel of “alternate” and type matching RSS or Atom XML.

    Not a tenth as convenient as adding it to the front page visibly but helps in a pinch :).

  3. I have a few blogs up on gaming, wow.. and now one for Ironbreakers and War at combatexpertise.com/holdtheline

    afaik I have an RSS feed set up but will look into that…

  4. Oops, yeah Tobold there are quite a few general gaming blogs in the list because they’re ones we enjoy reading. I have even more in my RSS reader, so may well separate them out into another category at some point…

    and thanks others, at work now so will look into this all in the morning!

  5. I have a WAR blog that revolves mostly around RvR. I set up an RSS feed just recently too 🙂

  6. Since you asked, I’ll throw my name out there as a WoW/WAR blogger (the only two games I’m really playing right now). Most of what I’ve written is probably crap though. 🙂

  7. I feel so left out! /sniffle

    Actually my blog isn’t 100% guaranteed WAR, so you’re probably justified in ignoring me. 😀

  8. Ok all, I’ll do a big run on this in the morning. Expect linkage. And Ysharros, you’re in my feed reader, but y’know.. you may find yourself on the blogroll here too ;p

  9. Ooo Ooo, pick me! pick me! Actually, I’d prefer if you just read my blog, you don’t have to link it too 😛 (But you can if you want)
    I certainly enjoy reading yours.

  10. We’re such an incestuous bunch. Duelling banjos, anyone? 😀

  11. Hey arbitrary, you can add me if you like. Word of Shadow isn’t WAR specific, but I won’t be talking about much else for the next couple of months or so.


  12. Ahoy! It pales into insignificance compared with your site, but I do have a little blog that I occasionaly talk about MMO in.

    You can subscribe just to specific category feeds, so you don’t have to listen to my wittering about elections, and the like. For Warhammer that would be: http://www.arksark.org/blog/category/gaming/mmorpgs/warhammer/feed/

  13. Ok, Arkenor have added you to my feed reader for the moment, instead of to full links – but it means I can keep an eye on your posts and comment on any and give you links that way on relevant stuff! (elections interesting, but not so much for us Europeans – though my husband voted ;p)

    Links and RSS mostly added but am having a problem with Truckles I hope to solve via email 🙂

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