More discarded post titles

And here we go again, a trawl through the post titles we’ve had sitting in our drafts for so long we deleted them (not really, I don’t think we’ve considered any as proper posts – yet!)

  • Which hairdo for your Swordmaster?
  • Knit your own nurgling
  • Leeching for dummies – max your annoyance contributions
  • What moron domesticated cats?
  • Capturing the Tlag – A WAR Spelling Bee
  • The Good Beer guide to Altdorf
  • That’s it – I QUIT!!!!!
  • Ulthorin and Arkanin: can cross house romance ever work?
  • If PvP = pet vs pet…
  • Feed a Dark Elf a Pie Week starts!
  • Roland the Headless Organ Gunner

9 Responses

  1. Think 7th one down sorta sums me up really – sorry to say it!

  2. dmosbon, it’s no big deal if you decide that you’re not having fun (or not enough to justify a sub) and go play something else. I think all we meant with that was the kind of goodbye post that usually goes up in a puff of smoke on guild bboards after major drama has gone down.

  3. We at WAAAGH! demand that you do “Feed a Dark Elf a Pie Week starts!” Our cup of curiosity runneth over.

  4. spinks – meant nothing by it, was just passing an ironic comment that’s all.

    Haven’t made a final decision about paying a sub for WAR or not, just yet.

  5. What moron domesticated cats?

    They’re domesticated?

    I vote for “Feed a Dark Elf a Pie Week starts!” If you use coconut cream, they will surely be unable to continue their evil ways.

  6. Yeah, guys, we need some pie posts, with recipes!

    And I think the latest theory is that cats domesticated themselves. Like ‘Hai! Here’s some dead mice! I’m so cute! FEED ME!!!’

  7. Dunno, my cat brought me a worm the other day. Not working ;p

  8. Yes, scientists are pretty much agreed that cats domesticated themselves. They know a good deal when they see one!

    My theory is that THEY domesticated US…. Mine sure boss me around — one is howling in the kitchen to be let out the door as I type this… even though we have perfectly functional cat door in the bedroom window.

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