Who let the links out?

Want to learn to code in Python? Course you do! Check out The Python Challenge, it’s a game but also you’ll learn while you are playing. Dont’ forget to download a copy of Python before you start, there’s an FAQ page at TPC which has the URLs.

Eurogamer has a review of World of Goo. It’s a puzzle game with goo in it (with little faces). There’s a demo up at filefront too. It’s adorable and I’m hooked. Note: that’s how a GOOD demo works.

Boris Johnson says something dumb. Not news really, just this time it’s about games, with ref to the London Games Festival.

Word of Shadow suggests one scenario queue button with randomised scenarios behind it. Not a bad idea!

Thanks to the Codemasters’ blog, we learned of the BBC’s midweek quiz on old computers. Fun! We dream of the day GOA could come up with a blog like Codemasters has.. it’ll never happen.

Blizzard claim that half of the people who left WoW to go to WAR have already returned. This is based on people who put Warhammer as the reason they quit when they cancelled their subs, so doesn’t include people who didn’t mention that or who are playing both games. Syp comments on the spin involved in that interview.

Melf Himself has an epic (and very entertaining) rant comparing the WoW and WAR end games at Word of Shadow.

At WHA, Mustardcakes reports a conversation she had with her group on the Dark Crag server (not worksafe but funny in the guysareDUMB way).

Orlock over at Warhammer Geek pitches in with a new column tackling aggression in scenarios. He’s got a point!

Kotaku reports that The Red Cross have set up a charity Alternate Reality Game where you help guide a Ugandan refugee back to his parents, using Facebook, email and search engines.


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