I don’t want Lost to be BSG…

… so why in hell would I want World of Warcraft to be Warhammer Online, or vice versa?

Seriously, though it’s fairly well-known I quit WoW before Burning Crusade took hold, I don’t want them to try and lure me back. It’s not going to happen. I don’t return to things I’ve left – I’m stubborn like that. But, I love that there is a game out there that people genuinely love and play. I love that if I ever wanted to do some serious raiding and have that as a challenge there will be WoW for me to go to and tackle the challenge. Spinks has told me plenty about it, I know it has fun PvE questing and some really challenging fights. I like challenges, I just found WoW needed too much time and commitment from me.

In the same way, one of the things I love about Warhammer Online is that I can hop on and play a couple of scenarios if I’ve had a rough day at work and not feel like I’ve been abandoning the game if I don’t get to play. I love that I can go with a group to Gunbad and clear a wing in 1.5 hours, or that I can drop into and out of PQs and keep raids/defence. The warband might need me for a while, but replacements can always be found. The war goes on when I need to do laundry. But when I do have 5h of solid gaming to get in, I can focus it. I don’t want Warhammer to add the raiding features from WoW, I want it to remain distinct and keep its flavour.

I understand, all MMOs want to learn something from their peers and previous iterations. I love that WoW brought us many features that make both MMOs I play better places to be. But I want WoW to be like I remember it, so if I ever feel I want a game just like that, it’s there, and not some watered down version to try and appeal to everyone.


4 Responses

  1. Actually I have no real problems with the renow-“nerfing” for healers. Based on the scenario summary I get nearly as much XP/Renown as any other member in the scenario group. Even when I focus on healing and don’t deal much damage. (This could be because i spread out hots to BW’s and such)

    I’m still not quiet happy, because tanks don’t get a fair deal in that ratings (which I still have no good idea how to rate) and dps’ers are still more favored by it. So the core (every order player know how a scenario ends where the group is lacking of enough tanks and healers) of a sucessful group is not favored by XP/Renown..

  2. Zizlak, wrong thread but I’ll answer here anyway. I actually suspect that bumping renown for tanks would solve a lot of healer ‘issues’ along the way.

  3. Oops..i was in the wrong tab when commenting..Sorry for that ,)

    That happens when I lack my daily dose of coffee! *staggers back to the coffee maker*

  4. What’s that about a raiding feature??

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