Renown for healing

Every healer will have noticed this week that renown for healing in scenarios has dropped since the last patch/hotfix. What used to happen was that you got some renown for any healing that you did. What happens now is that you only get renown if you heal someone who recently killed (or was involved in killing) a member of the enemy team.

In practice what I see if I mostly heal is that I get renown that’s roughly on par with what tanks get, which still doesn’t address the issue of dps being way more rewarded but isn’t as actively ‘omg mythic hates healers’ as you might be led to believe.

So the current scheme makes the optimal renown bearing strategy for healers:

  • dps as much as you can
  • get into a group with as many dps as you can and focus on healing them while they kill

It also used to be a bonus for other players to have healers in their group because it helped them earn more renown too. Now it’s better for them to have the minumum of healers in group so that they can stack dps. And hope that some of the other healers in the warband are decent chaps and chapettes who will heal out of group even if they don’t get rewarded from it.

We’re not big on optimal minmax points gaining here, we just want to play our characters and help our team to win in the best way we can. And none of this is going to make a big difference to the way we play. We’ll just be aware that people who follow more optimal strategies, even if they play empirically less well, will get better rewards. kiasa has a great post on why individual performance style rewards never work out – I think it’s truer to say that they work, but rarely as planned.

And in pursuit of that better way, Mark Jacob has a thread up on The Vault discussing the experience he’s had playng a healer this week and asking for feedback on healer issues with renown. Go fish! (He’s playing a warrior priest by the way to try out the playstyle so you could probably give feedback on that too.)


4 Responses

  1. I think the thread is a bit too revealing about Mark’s hatred of Order and his belief that the Rune Priest is merely a healbot even if they do tweak its playstyle.

    I hate the word healbot, and yes, they marketed the Rune Priest on being a PURE HEALER, not having a mechanic, but why does that mean a human being doesn’t need to play one?

    Honestly, I don’t really want Mark’s tweaks based on 10 levels of play. Really. That’s what they have a professional team to do.

  2. Ok, not hatred – I’m in a fuelled state it seems. Just a bit bleh on being called a healbot.

  3. […] Spinks reviews the latest change to renown for healers in scenarios. Previously, healers got renown for any healing they did in a scenario. Now, they only […]

  4. Best healing strategy for maximum renown is to get out of the group and play solo. Use a healing addon like HealGrid and heal anyone you see taking damage (maximum 3 healing spell per person. More dont give you renown unless you switch to different healing target in between). I get around 3K RP per scenarios win or lose (with around 200k Healed).
    Runepriest Rank 40/RR 38

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