So, the billion dollar question …

We’re approaching the end of the first month of the game. Are you planning to pay for a subscription? If so why? If not, why not?

(If you are looking for reasons to resub, check out Classy Gamer’s classy summary of his thinking.)

Spinks: It won’t surprise anyone that I’m in for 6 months. I thought it was worth the longer sub even though I know I plan to play WotLK for at least part of that period. I love my Archmage (whatever its faults, the class is just plain fun to play), the guild is great, and I’ve had a blast lately in Tier 3 Open RvR. Can’t wait to get to Tier 4 and get involved with keep taking where it really matters. December will be a good time for alts since there will be lots of people levelling when the new tanks arrive.

So I know this game has at least 6 months of fun in it for me, the price is good, and that makes my sub a no-brainer. I’ve also been impressed at how responsive Mythic has been with the hotfixes (even when I don’t necessarily agree with them). Also it doesn’t hurt that my husband is really enjoying his Swordmaster and can’t wait to try a Knight of the Blazing Sun, which is what he really wanted to play from the start.

Arbitrary: I’m still deciding, honestly. Between 1-month and 6-months, and beforehand I was a shoe-in for 6 months. I love my Rune Priest – but it’s hard work sometime and the game isn’t quite how I expected it to be for quite a few reasons, some of which are self-inflicted. I’m away for two weeks in December, so subbing for 1 month would take me till then, and I can get the 6-month sub at that point.  I have Moria coming up, and I know Spinks and Hawley would do an awesome job with the blog. It’s a dark time for me, in many ways, and I’m struggling to come to terms with all of my personal junk and not let it affect my leisure and my friendships, but that doesn’t always happen. It feels like I’ve been rank 31 forever, despite it being a day or so. I won’t respec just to get Rune of Burning – the advice I keep being given,  I’d just prefer being grouped. We’ll see. I’m going to take the entire time up till Nov 9th to decide, and will probably change my mind a few times before then, depending on my mood.

Hawley:  Yes, there are bugs.  Yes, there are exploits.  And yes, there are faults.  My transparent fanboy nature can see them, but enjoys the game for it’s good points, which heavily outweigh the bad.  Being an “Early Adopter” of online games, I’m remarkably tolerant when it comes to launch bugs and errors.  I play around them, or ignore them, because they’ll be an anecdote soon enough.  I can even see that the game doesn’t have the breadth of play that many others aspire to; It doesn’t have the crafting system of Star Wars Galaxies (well, the one it used to have), it doesn’t have the instances that Lord of the Rings Online has.  And it doesn’t have the raids that World of Warcraft has.  But it has something that most other games haven’t touched upon, and that is PvP that *means* something.  With a gameplay that makes PvP fun, I can’t think of any better reason to jump on the Warhammer Online WAAAAAGH! and see where it takes me.


7 Responses

  1. I’m definitely in it for awhile. I’m loving both my White Lion and my Bright Wizard. I did resub to EQ2 the other day, because the Night of the Dead event, the Shadow Odyssey expansion and then Frostfell are coming! But Warhammer and EQ2 together are the same price as the Station Access I canceled a couple of months ago. I’m never in a great hurry to level, so splitting time between games isn’t a big issue despite my casual gamer play times.

  2. I’m in till November 13, when WoTLK hits.

  3. Hell yes. There is no other game right now.

    This from someone who 3 months ago was a rabid PvP hater — but as everyone says, in WAR it’s not PvP, it’s RvR.

  4. My plans are pretty much as they were before launch. I love LotRO’s PvE, and I have a PvE bias, so I’ll be there for Moria to experience all the sights and sounds. However, I don’t really expect the Moria content to last much more than a few months, and I imagine I’ll start drifting back to Warhammer’s perpetual RvR frenzy before too long.

    I have no issues with running two subs and sharing my time between two games depending on where my mood is, especially considering one of those is a lifetime sub that paid for itself about 6 months ago!

    I’ll likely buy a 6 month sub for Warhammer because even if Moria does monopolise much of my attention for a while, I still imagine I’ll fancy the odd foray into some Warhammer PvP action. Oh yeah, and it might be difficult to run a Warhammer guild without an active sub 🙂

  5. I have subscribed for the 6 months, at £46 it seems almost a bargain for return on £ per hour.

    Arbitrary: I was in your shoes with my Rune Priest and grouped with guildies with a heavy group heal build relying on adamant, crits, restorative ticks and armour buffs until I had enough of struggling when solo questing. For the sake of a couple of gold (a few respecs) I always take burning when questing, mobs that took around 30 seconds to kill now fall within 10 and it just makes life easier – when I am 40 I will stay with my group heal spec, but for now Burning seems the way to go.

  6. Yup, going to stick with WAR. It is excellent for a game that has been around for 1 month, and I can already see that it is fairly easy to add more depth and content in the game (for example tome unlocks, tweaks to RvR). Also, I like the way they really listen to reasonable suggestions.

    What I like most is that you do not have to grind. Sure, there are people complaining why I am not leveling, but they are unable to answer why I should grind when I am having fun playing the game on all tiers. I can now see having a toon on all tiers and having a blast just doing RvR.

  7. I got the 6 month subscription, but I’ll be in Northrend on 13th of November without a doubt. A WOW Guildy gave me his Beta Account (after I told him Mythic were going to kick Blizzards ass with this game… I was wrong) while he is levelling up an Alt Hunter in LIVE, and WoTLK shows Blizzard listen too… it’s awesome (starting a death Knight and was really surprised at how quick you blast through the levels with it and how fun it is)!!

    Mythic have a lot more polishing to do, the game still feels like a Beta… feels MORE grindy than WOW (especially if you have to do Public quests solo because you fell slightly behind everyone), and the Zergy, laggy keep sieges need a lot more work. WAR’s scenarios kick ass, and this offers some hope that the 6 months will see a more polished game.

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