Back to Altdorf

Ah yes, our server has Rank 5 Altdorf. Not noticed a huge difference, but until I get my Sigmar’s Hammer scroll (work harder guild!) I don’t go there all that much. Of course, we did pop in to see Felix and Gotrek:

and they gave us a quest to go visit the giggling psychos at the Bright Wizard College. Think I’m joking? Take a look at this photographic evidence:

I’m sure we’ll be back and investigating there soon! It’s nice to see the City at 5 stars, it’s certainly a lot noisier now, and we hope it can stay that way for a very long time, not least to give full access to quests and the like for newcomers. If there’s anything else we should check out, let us know!

ps. saw some mounted guards today – very flash!

6 Responses

  1. Yep our capital is also Rank5 on Karak-Azgal, its nice seeing Inevitable city with a lil more flavor :p

    Also wondering what are your graphical settings? Your screenshots looks really nicer than mine. Did you photoshop them maybe?

  2. No photoshopping except to crop them down, honest!

    I have my settings to max, with the Nvidia client tweaked for Warhammer. I have an 8800 Ultra donated by a friend..but other than that, I couldn’t really tell you why it looks nice

  3. I love how Felix looks as though he’s kneeling down to talk to Arb in that picture. What a gent.

  4. Oki thank you arbitrary 🙂
    Its odd because I have a 8800 GTS and I have forced AA and AF. I did not set it to max because I get bad stuttering if I do.

    Don’t you get stuttering in game with your config?

  5. Not as yet, but I know some friends were getting it badly last night.

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